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1681 平安時代の画所について―その基礎的研究― [日本歴史 659] 芳之内 圭 2003 日本歴史学会 Article
1682 道長執政期における公卿議定の特質について [国史学研究 26] TANAKA, Kumi 2003 龍谷大学国史学研究会 Article
1683 名家の形成と公事情報の交換 [日本歴史 658] 鈴木 理恵 2003 日本歴史学会 Article
1684 中宮嫄子の崩御をめぐる風説の背景 [日本歴史 664] 並木 和子 2003 日本歴史学会 Article
1685 郡郷司再考 [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 183] MAEDA, Toru 2003 Osaka Historical Association Article
1686 平氏の一門編制と惣官体制 [日本歴史 661] 田中 大喜 2003 日本歴史学会 Article
1687 日本後紀 KUROITA, Nobuo / Morita, Tei 2003 (c) SHUEISHA Inc. Book
1688 先史日本を復元する 3 縄文のマツリと暮らし KOSUGI, Yasushi 2003 岩波書店 Book
1689 原町市史 第4巻 資料編2 古代(出土文字資料) 原町市教育委員会文化財課市史編纂室【編】 2003 原町市 Book
1690 横手市史叢書2 薄葉篤蔵コレクション考古資料調査報告書 横手市史編さん考古部会【編】 2003 横手市 Book
1691 A Reconsideration of "Gun-zonin" Focusing on their Actual Activities and Origin [Shigaku-Zasshi 112(2)] ARAI, Shigeyuki 2003 Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan Article
1692 An Approach to the Sites of Communities of the Nara and Heian Periods: Remains of Mennouchidai in Haga machi [Tochigi-Shigaku ; The Tochigi Journal of Japanese History 17] HASHIMOTO, Sumio 2003 Kokugakuin Daigaku Tochigi Tankidaigaku Article
1693 An aspect of burial ceremonies at Yokoanabo: A case of the Tsudayama hills [The Journal of Historical Studies 68] TSUDA, Kenji 2003 Nihon Daigaku Shigakkai Article
1694 Archaeological View to the Relationship between Formation of Yayoi Social Hierarchy and the Agricultural Cycle: 'Central Building Model' and the Osaka Ikegami Sone site [Shikan ; The Historical Review 148] HOSOYA, Aoi 2003 The Historical Society of Waseda University Article
1695 As for the Production Unit of SUE Ware in the Kofun Period: in Relation to the Purpose of the Mark Inscribed with a Spatula on SUE Ware [The Shien ; The Journal of History 140] OKADA, Hiroyuki 2003 Faculty of Humanities, Kyushu University Article
1696 Emperor's Residences during the Early and Middle Heian Period: An Examination of the Emperor's Private, Inherited Wealth [Shigaku-Zasshi 112(1)] OKAMURA, Sachiko 2003 Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan Article
1697 Evolution of the Obora-A Type Final Jomon Pottery from the Standpoint of Vessel Forms, Decorative Patterns, and Vessel Functions [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 119] SHINAGAWA, Yoshiya 2003 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
1698 Institusion and Activity of Danjōdai [Komazawa Shigaku ; Journal of Historical Studies 61] FURUYA, Ayako 2003 Komazawa Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan, the Historical Department of Komazawa University Article
1699 Japanese Domestic Characters kokujifor Slash-and-Burn and Land Reclamation Techniques in Ancient Japan [Tokyo Daigaku Shiryo Hensan-jo Kenkyu Kiyo ; Research Annual of the Historiographical Institute 13] Von Verschuer, Charlotte 2003 Historiographical Institute, the University of Tokyo Article
1700 Lineage of Kebiishi-Jyō during 11th-12th Century [Komazawa Shigaku ; Journal of Historical Studies 61] NEMOTO, Ryūichi 2003 Komazawa Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan, the Historical Department of Komazawa University Article