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141 ショッピングセンター葬送の鐘が鳴る―郊外の「変容」に、アメリカ例外主義の衰亡を読む― [Thought 1123] 矢作 弘 2017 Iwanami Shoten Article
142 フランス家族手当の史的研究―企業内福利から社会保障へ― MIYAMOTO, Satoru 2017 御茶の水書房 Book
143 イタリアの黒死病関係史料集 石坂 尚武【編訳】 2017 刀水書房 Book
144 科学事典の誕生と編纂―ジョン・ハリス『レクシコン・テクニクム』(1704年)と王立協会をめぐって― [Thought 1123] 加藤 聡 2017 Iwanami Shoten Article
145 宗教改革と都市共同体―ベルント・メラー説をめぐって― [Thought 1122] 野々瀬 浩司 2017 Iwanami Shoten Article
146 ルターの教育論と16世紀ドイツの教育改革―信仰と政治のはざまで― [Thought 1122] 岩倉 依子 2017 Iwanami Shoten Article
147 禁欲と改善―近代資本主義形成の精神的支柱― 山本 通【著】 2017 晃洋書房 Book
148 移動がつくる東中欧・バルカン史 山本 明代,パプ・ノルベルト【編】 2017 Tōsui Shobō Book
149 水都ヴェネツィア―その持続的発展の歴史― 陣内 秀信【著】 2017 法政大学出版局 Book
150 船乗りがつなぐ大西洋世界―英領植民地ボストンの船員と貿易の社会史― 笠井 俊和【著】 2017 晃洋書房 Book
151 "Ottepel" and Soviet Historical Science: Activity of the Journal Voprosy Istorii between 1953 and 1956 [Seikei Hogaku ; The Journal of Legal, Political and Social Sciences 87] TATEISHI, Yoko 2017 The Editorial Committee of Seikei Hogaku, the Faculty of Law, Seikei University Article
152 A Study of the Medieval English Law of Labor [Senshu Hogaku Ronshu ; The Journal of Law and Political Science 130] KOMIYA, Fumito 2017 Senshu Daigaku Hogakukai ; The Association of Law and Political Science of Senshu University Article
153 American Economic History, 1929-2008: The Emergence of a Troubled Superpower TANIGUCHI, Akitake / SUTO, Isao 2017 有斐閣 Book
154 Children and Society in the Third Republic France: The Child Protection as a Power OKABE, Hiroshi 2017 Showado publisher Book
155 Consideration on the Theory of Wages by Malthus [Keizaigaku-Ronso ; The Doshisha University Economic Review 68(4)] YOKOYAMA, Teruki 2017 The Doshisha Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; The Doshisha Economic Association Article
156 Did Japan Become an Unequal Society?: Japan's Income Disparity in Comparative Historical Perspective [The Economic Review 68(2)] MORIGUCHI, Chiaki 2017 Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University Article
157 Front Line of Historical Anthropometrics: Height and the Russian Revolutions [The Journal of Political Economy and Economic History ; Rekishi to Keizai 234] TAKAHASHI, Kazuhiko 2017 The Political Economy and Economic History Society Article
158 House-Owners in Suburban Development in Late-19th Century Britain: A Case Study of Two Suburban Estates around Cardiff [Keizaigaku-Ronso ; The Doshisha University Economic Review 69(1)] SUGE, Ikki 2017 The Doshisha Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; The Doshisha Economic Association Article
159 Introduction: an empirical, historical study of small finance based on the paralleling and contrasting of regions in Japan and England [Ehime Keizai Ronshu ; Ehime Economic Journal 37(1)] TAKAHASHI, Motoyasu 2017 Ehime Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; The Society of Ehime University Article
160 L'Alliance coopérative internationale: Deuxième congrès en 1896 à Paris [The Review of Economics & Political Science 85(5・6) 合併号] SUZUKI, Takashi 2017 The Economic and Political Institute of Meiji University Article