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141 Bank Management of the Local Wealthy and the Local Financial Market: The Nomura Jisaburo Family in Noheji Town, Aomori Prefecture [Mita Gakkai Zasshi ; Mita Journal of Economics 109(4)] NAKANISHI, Satoru 2017 The Keio Economic Society Article
142 Capital Accumulation among the Nobility from the Post-Russo-Japanese War to the Showa Depression: The Case of Asset Formation and Industrial Investment of Former Iwakuni Lord Kikkawa [The Journal of Political Economy and Economic History ; Rekishi to Keizai 237] MIURA, Sou 2017 The Political Economy and Economic History Society Article
143 Collapse of the Japanese Style Economic System and the Love of Money [Dokkyo University Studies of Economics 100] SUDO, Tokihito 2017 Faculty of Economics, Dokkyo University Article
144 Development of Employees and Mergers by Mitsubishi Bank in the Prewar Period [Mitsubishi Archives Review 18] KASUYA, Makoto 2017 The Mitsubishi Economic Research Institute Article
145 Discussing the Finance of the Fudai Lord of the Odawara Clan in the Early Modern Ages [Journal of Japanese History ; Nihonshi Kenkyu 664] SHIMOJU, Kiyoshi 2017 The Japanese Society for Historical Studies ; Nihonshi Kenkyukai Article
146 Discussion of Financial for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Immediately after the War [Aoyama Keizai Ronshu ; The Aoyama Journal of Economics 68(4)] OCHIAI, Ko 2017 Aoyama Gakuin Daigaku Keizai Gakkai ; The Economic Society of Aoyama Gakuin University Article
147 Efficiency of the Japanese Government Bond Markets In the Meiji and Taisyo Eras [The Journal of Tokyo Keizai University 295] KAMAE, Hiroshi 2017 Tokyo Keizai Association of Economics Article
148 Financial Agency of Silver for the Akita Clan in the Kyoto-Osaka District and Chartered Merchant TACHIIRI [Journal of Japanese History ; Nihonshi Kenkyu 664] KANAMORI, Masaya 2017 The Japanese Society for Historical Studies ; Nihonshi Kenkyukai Article
149 Financing mechanism of retailers in prewar Tokyo [The Sho-Kei Ronso ; The Review of Economics and Commerce 52(4)] YAZAWA, Hirotake 2017 The Society of Economics, Kanagawa University Article
150 Formation of Credit Union Philosophy [Aoyama Keizai Ronshu ; The Aoyama Journal of Economics 69(3)] OCHIAI, Ko 2017 Aoyama Gakuin Daigaku Keizai Gakkai ; The Economic Society of Aoyama Gakuin University Article
151 Formative Years of the World Bank's Lending Policy toward Japan: 1951-56(3) [Seijo University Economic Papers 216] ASAI, Yoshio 2017 The Economic Institute of Seijo University Article
152 How were Exchange Banks Dissolved in the Early Meiji Era? [Keizaigaku-Ronso ; The Doshisha University Economic Review 69(1)] SHIKANO, Yoshiaki 2017 The Doshisha Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; The Doshisha Economic Association Article
153 Introduction: an empirical, historical study of small finance based on the paralleling and contrasting of regions in Japan and England [Ehime Keizai Ronshu ; Ehime Economic Journal 37(1)] TAKAHASHI, Motoyasu 2017 Ehime Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; The Society of Ehime University Article
154 Japanese Government's Foreign Currency-Denominated Bonds on the Tokyo and New York Markets during the Interwar Period: A Proposal for Measurement of Financial Market Integration [The University of Tsukuba Economic Review 69] TAKAHASHI, Hidenao 2017 The Department of Economics, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba Article
155 MONOPOLY(TM) and the Bank [Keiei to Keizai ; Journal of Business and Economics 96(4)] HAYASHI, Toru 2017 Economics Society of Nagasaki University Article
156 Policy Shocks and Expectations: Japan's Experience during the Great Depression [The Economic Review 68(1)] SHOJI, Toshiaki 2017 Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University Article
157 Remedies by the Government and Calming of Oscillation in the Markets (1) [St.Andrew's University Economic and Business Review 58(4)] MOCHIZUKI, Kazuhiko 2017 The Research Institute, St.Andrew's University Article
158 The Beginning of Sales of Government Bonds at Post Offices in Japan (Supplement) [Konan Economic Papers 57(3・4) 合併号] EHIRO, Akira 2017 The Economic Society of Konan University Article
159 The Effects of Monetary Policy in 1937-1941 [The Keizai Ronshu ; The Economic Review of Kansai University 67(2)] NAITO, Tomonori 2017 The Economic Society of Kansai University Article
160 The Eleventh National Bank of Nagoya: A History (1877-1897) [Aichi Kenshi kenkyu:Bulletin of the history of Aichi 21] HOTORI, Eiji 2017 愛知県総務部県史編さん室 Article