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1461 Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America EVANS, Sara M. 2005 明石書店 Book
1462 Charitable Devise and Bequest, and Deathbed Land Sales in the English Mediaeval Villages [Horitsu Ronso ; The Meiji Law Review 78(1)] KATO, Tetsumi 2005 The Institute of Law of Meiji University ; Meiji Daigaku Horitsu Kenkyujo Article
1463 Child Welfare Services in France (1870-1914): The Case of the Department of Nord [Shigaku-Zasshi 114(12)] OKABE, Hiroshi 2005 Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan Article
1464 Clala Zetkin and her Days in Leipzig (1872-1880) [Economic Journal 84] ITO, Setsu 2005 The Economics Society, Daito Bunka University Article
1465 Collegia and Urban Society under the Early Roman Empire: The Case of Tria Collegia [Shigaku-Zasshi 114(7)] HONMA, Toshiyuki 2005 Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan Article
1466 Consumer Culture in American History TSUNEMATSU, Hiroshi / Matsumoto, Yuko 2005 山川出版社 Book
1467 Creating a Male-Dominated Regime: How Patriarchy and the Gender Division of Labour Have Infiltrated into Society [Hogaku-Shirin ; Review of Law and Political Sciences 103(2)] ETO, Mikiko 2005 Hogaku-Shirin Kyokai ; The Association of Law and Political Sciences, Hosei University Article
1468 DIE GESCHICHTE DER RÄUBER UND GAUNER DANKER, Uwe 2005 Hosei University Press Book
1469 Das Subsidiaritätsprinzip im Verständnis von Roman Herzog [Nihon Hogaku ; Journal of Law 71(2)] KOBAYASHI, Hiroaki 2005 Nihon University Article
1470 Die Entnazifizierung in den Westzonen und der frühen Bundesrepublik [Historica ; Shiron 58] YOSHIMURA, Tomoko 2005 The Department of History, Tokyo Women's Christian University Article
1471 Die Reformation und Deutsch-katholische Gesellschaft: Bayern im frühen konfessionellen Zeitalter [Rekishi ; Tohoku Historical Journal 104] ONO, Yoshihiko 2005 Tohoku Shigakukai ; Tohoku Historical Society Article
1472 Food and Love: A Cultural History of East and West GOODY, Jack / Yamauchi, Akira / Nishikawa, Takashi 2005 Hosei University Press Book
1473 Formation of New Strategy for livestock walfare in Switzerland [Kochi University Review of Social Science 83] IIGUNI, Yoshiaki 2005 The Economic Society of Kochi University Article
1474 Forming the Concept of Family Allowances in Interwar Britain: Social Survey, Campaign, and Policy Design [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 71(4)] AKAGI, Makoto 2005 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
1475 French New Left (nouvelle gauche) and the Algerian War, 1956-1962 [Hogakuronso ; Kyoto Law Review 156(5・6) 合併号] OTAKE, Hideo 2005 The Kyoto University Law Association Article
1476 Gender and Regulating Dangerous Trades in Britain [Economic Journal 84] OMORI, Maki 2005 The Economics Society, Daito Bunka University Article
1477 Georg Weerth: History of Commerce Crisis in England from 1810 to 1848 [The Kagawa University Economic Review 78(3)] WEERTH, Georg ; TAKAKI, Fumio 2005 The Economic Society, Kagawa University Article
1478 Herbert Spencer's Social Evolutionism [Seikei Kenkyu ; Studies in Political Science and Economics 41(4)] ISHII, Kenji 2005 Nihon University Article
1479 Histoire de l'écologie politique JACOB, Jean / translator : Suzuki, Masamichi 2005 Ryokuhushuppan Book
1480 Historical Trend and Institutional Analysis of Boston Common [The Shodai Ronshu ; Journal of University of Hyogo 56(3)] MITSUMATA, Gaku / Izumi, Rui 2005 University of Hyogo Article