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1461 生活誌 (院政期文化論集 第5巻) 院政期文化研究会【編】 2005 森話社 Book
1462 遺跡から見た古代・中世の千曲川の水運 [信濃 57(12)] KAWASAKI, Tamotsu 2005 信濃史学会 Article
1463 完全踏査古代の道 続 ―山陰道・山陽道・南海道・西海道― KINOSHITA, Ryo / Takebe Kenichi 2005 吉川弘文館 Book
1464 日本古代の貨幣と社会 三上 喜孝【著】 2005 吉川弘文館 Book
1465 平安王朝社会のジェンダー―家・王権・性愛― 服藤 早苗【著】 2005 校倉書房 Book
1466 会津若松市史 2 歴史編2 古代2・中世1 会津、古代そして中世―会津嶺の国から武士の支配へ― 会津若松市史研究会【編】 2005 会津若松市 Book
1467 沼津市史 通史編 原始・古代・中世 沼津市史編さん委員会,沼津市教育委員会【編】 2005 沼津市 Book
1468 近江 愛知川町の歴史 第1巻 古代・中世編 愛知川町史編集委員会【編】 2005 愛知川町 Book
1469 鳥栖市誌 第2巻 原始・古代編 鳥栖市教育委員会【編】 2005 鳥栖市 Book
1470 "Pottery" from the second cultural layer in the Shimomouchi Site: A report on an analysis of the quality of the material [Bulletin of the Nagano Prefectural Museum of History 11] OKAMURA, Hideo 2005 The Nagano Prefectural Museum of History Article
1471 A Consideration of Jingi-kan as a ritual space. [The Rekishi Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 42] YOSHIE, Takashi 2005 *** Unknown *** Article
1472 A Note on the " Account of the Wa" in the Hou-Han-Shu: Historical Materials and Inquiry by Hau-You [The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities ; Jimbun Gakuho 357] KAWAGUCHI, Katsuyasu 2005 The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Tokyo Metropolitan University Article
1473 A Reexamination of the Research on Fiscal Affairs during the Heian Period: A Study of Horyo Kanpu [Shigaku-Zasshi 114(1)] WATANABE, Makoto 2005 Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan Article
1474 A Study of Ancient Public Roads: A Retrospective and a Look to the Future [Historical Review of Transport and Communications 56] KIMOTO, Masayasu 2005 The Japanese Society of the History of Transport and Communications Article
1475 A View of Formation Process of Kofun Period in Western Parts of Kanagawa Prefecture [Tokai Shigaku 39] TACHIBANA, Minoru 2005 The Historical Association of Tokai University Article
1476 A visit to Ennin's pilgrimage: in Shandong Peninsula [Tochigi-Shigaku ; The Tochigi Journal of Japanese History 19] SAKAYORI, Masashi 2005 Kokugakuin Daigaku Tochigi Tankidaigaku Article
1477 Approach to Iron Cuirass Production in Fifth Century Japan [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 125] Ōta, Masaaki 2005 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
1478 Archaeological Research on Imashirozuka Ancient Burial Mounds and Clay Figures Rites [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 194] MORITA, Katsuyuki 2005 Osaka Historical Association Article
1479 Changes in the Accession to the Throne and the Ritsuryo Tenno System [The Shirin ; The Journal of History 88(2)] KATO, Asako 2005 The Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Historical Research, Kyoto University Article
1480 Consideration about the Beginning of the Tumulus Period [Shikan ; The Historical Review 152] SHIRAI, Kumiko 2005 The Historical Society of Waseda University Article