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1301 嬉野史 考古編 三重県松阪市嬉野地域振興局総務課嬉野史編纂室【編】 2006 松阪市 Book
1302 新青森市史 資料編1 考古 青森市史編集委員会【編】 2006 青森市 Book
1303 "Houka-Kanshin" in the Early 10th Century Japan: Taking a Cue from Neglect of Public Duty [Machikaneyama Ronso. History 40] OOY, Kiyo 2006 Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University Article
1304 A Reexamination of the Historical Context of the Nihonryôiki, Book I, Part 5: The Otomo Sukune Clan and the Making of the Hongi by the Uji-no-Otomo Muraji Clan [Shigaku ; The Historical Science 74(3)] FUJIMOTO, Makoto 2006 Mita-Shigaku-Kai ; The Mita Historical Society Article
1305 A Study of Earthen Pipes Excavated from the Western Gate of Asuka-dera Temple: A Special Reference to Tiles Make Technique of Asuka-dera Temple [Shisen ; Historical & Geographical Studies in Kansai University 103] ONOGI, Ruriko 2006 The Historical & Geographical Society of Kansai University Article
1306 A Study of Microblade Assemblages in Hokkaido, Japan YAMADA, Satoru 2006 六一書房 Book
1307 A Study of the “Sei Shin-Sei's Epitaph” [Kokushigaku ; The Journal of Japanese History 189] GUAN, Ning / Wang, Yi Kang ; FUJII, Akira 2006 Kokushi-Gakkai ; The Society of Japanese Historical Research Article
1308 A Study on the Formation of Typology and the Regional Characteristics of Angyo 2 Types and Angyo 3a Types [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 127] MIYAUCHI, Keisuke 2006 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
1309 A Study on the Structure and Development of Ceremonies for Taking Office as Daijin in the Heian Period [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 200] SUZUKI, Takuro 2006 Osaka Historical Association Article
1310 A Transcription and Analysis of Taiki (The Historiographical Institute Collection, The University of Tokyo) [Tokyo Daigaku Shiryo Hensan-jo Kenkyu Kiyo ; Research Annual of the Historiographical Institute 16] FUJIWARA, Shigeo / Onoe, Yosuke 2006 Historiographical Institute, the University of Tokyo Article
1311 A User-Friendly Timeline of Ancient Japanese History (with furigana) From the earliest times to 1155 Editorial Division of Yosikawa Kōbunkan 2006 Yosikawa Kōbunkan Book
1312 A study of "Tenjyukokusyutyo" [Hosei-Shigaku ; Journal of Hosei Historical Society in Hosei University 66] NOMIYAMA, Yuka 2006 Hosei Historical Society in Hosei University Article
1313 A study of the genealogy of the Wanibe-shi [Chuo Shigaku 29] The Genealogy Research Group (presenter: Kato, Kenkichi) 2006 Chuo Shigakukai ; Chuo Historical Society, Faculty of Literature, Chuo University Article
1314 About the Secretary of the organization attached to the Emperor of the 11 century [Komazawa Shigaku ; Journal of Historical Studies 67] SUZUKI, Orie 2006 Komazawa Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan, the Historical Department of Komazawa University Article
1315 Ancient Tenno and Thought of the Heaven's Will [Journal of Japanese History ; Nihonshi Kenkyu 523] MIZUTANI, Chiaki 2006 The Japanese Society for Historical Studies ; Nihonshi Kenkyukai Article
1316 Archaeology of Jomon Villages KAWASAKI, Tamotsu 2006 雄山閣 Book
1317 Aspects of mound graves with stone burial chambers in the Kanto district [The Rissho Shigaku ; The Historical Reports of Rissho University 99] KONNO, Eiji 2006 Rissho University Article
1318 Baek-je and Nippon [The Senriyama Bungaku Ronshu 76] ARITA, Eisuke 2006 The Graduate School of Kansai University Article
1319 Belief and etiquette of Emishi appearing on the ancient iron ritual objects [The Rissho Shigaku ; The Historical Reports of Rissho University 99] INOUE, Masataka 2006 Rissho University Article
1320 Characteristics of the Imperial Edict Prescribing the Official Investiture of the Crown Prince in Ancient Japan [Journal of Japanese History ; Nihonshi Kenkyu 530] HORIE, Kiyoshi 2006 The Japanese Society for Historical Studies ; Nihonshi Kenkyukai Article