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1221 USA in the Civil Rights Era KAWASHIMA, Masaki 2008 名古屋大学出版会 Book
1222 Waiting community: Participants in the National Harvest Festival in Germany (1933-1937) [The Zinbun Gakuho ; Journal of Humanities 96] HUJIHARA, Tatsushi 2008 The Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University Article
1223 Wartime Allowances to the Families of Servicemen in Germany during the World War I (3) [Keizaigaku-Kenkyu ; Journal of Political Economy 74(5・6) 合併号] KAKU, Sachio 2008 Kyushu-Daigaku-Keizai-Gakkai ; Society of Political Economy, Kyushu University Article
1224 Who Defines Hazardous Waste? U.S. Hazardous Waste Policy and the Basel Convention [Hosei Kenkyu ; Journal of Law and Politics 74(4)] WATANABE, Tomoaki 2008 Hosei Gakkai ; Institute for Law and Politics, Kyushu University Article
1225 Womenn's District Visiting in the Nineteenth-Century Britain [Bulletin of Institute for Women's History & Culture 16] MATSUURA, Kyoko 2008 Institute for Women's History & Culture, Kyoto Tachibana University Article
1226 Zwangsarbeit der Kolonialarbeiter in Japan im sozialgeschichtlichen Vergleich mit dem Nazi-Deutschland [Mita Gakkai Zasshi ; Mita Journal of Economics 100(4)] YANO, Hisashi 2008 The Keio Economic Society Article
1227 Über die Geschichte der modernen Arbeitsbeziehungen in Deutschland [The Nagoya Gakuin Daigaku Ronshu ; Journal of Nagoya Gakuin University 45(1)] NAKAMURA, Yoshihisa 2008 University Research Institute, Nagoya Gakuin University Article
1228 “Prosperity Decade”, “High Mass Consumption” and the Pacific Northwest Japanese Community [Okayama Economic Review 40(3)] KUROKAWA, Katsutoshi 2008 The Economic Association of Okayama University Article
1229 “The Andalusian Merchants” in Seville at the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century: Their Human Relationship and Their Parishes [Seiyoshigaku ; The Studies in Western History 230] MOROSAWA, Yuka 2008 The Nippon Seiyoshigakukai ; The Japanese Society of Western History Article
1230 ホワイトカラー形成の国際比較 [Japan Business History Review 41(4)] TANIGUCHI, Akitake 2007 Business History Society of Japan Article
1231 小川権利論における歴史研究の現代的意義 [法律時報 79(9)] 笛木 俊一 2007 Nippon Hyoron-sha Article
1232 China's Quest for Alternative to Neo-liberalism: Market Reform, Economic Growth, and Labor [The Kyoto Economic Review 76(2)] LO, Dic 2007 Office of Advanced Economic Analysis, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University Article
1233 From 'Free' to 'Fair' Trade: The Evolution of Labour Laws in Colonial Hong Kong, 1958-62 [Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 35(2)] CLAYTON, David 2007 Frank Cass Article
1234 近代ロシア農民文化史研究―人の移動と文化の変容― TAKADA, Kazuo 2007 岩波書店 Book
1235 近代ドイツの農村社会と下層民 平井 進【著】 2007 日本経済評論社 Book
1236 ドイツ農業革命の研究 上巻 プロイセンにおける農民運動と農民解放 OIKAWA, Jun 2007 Oikawa, Hiroshi Book
1237 ドイツ農業革命の研究 下巻 ドイツ農業革命と農法の発展 OIKAWA, Jun 2007 Oikawa, Hiroshi Book
1238 消費生活と女性―ドイツ社会史 (1920~70年) の一側面― SAITOU, Akira 2007 Nihonkeizaihyoronsha Book
1239 連邦制と社会改革―20世紀初頭アメリカ合衆国の児童労働規制― HIRATAI, Yumi 2007 世界思想社 Book
1240 アナキストにおけるアンチ・フェミニズム― 『ル・リベルテール』1904年のフェミニズム論争― [Bulletin of Aichi University of Education, Culture Social Science 56] MISAKI, Keiko 2007 Aichi University of Education Article