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101 The Present Condition and Problems of Regional Revitalizing Policies in Kochi Prefecture [Kochi University Review of Social Science 97] SHIMODA, Hirofumi 2010 The Economic Society of Kochi University Article
102 The Taiwan Sea Route and Okinawa in Early Modern: From the viewpoint of the history of new and the existing marine transport in East Asia [Shigaku-Kenkyu ; Review of Historical Studies 268] MAEHIRA, Fusaaki 2010 Hiroshima Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Hiroshima for Historical Studies Article
103 Theoretical Thoughts on "Population Problems" (3): Argument between W. Godwin and T. R. Malthus (ii) [Keizaigaku-Ronshu ; Journal of Economics and Sociology, Kagoshima University 74] NAKAMURA, Masafumi 2010 The Economic Society of Kagoshima University Article
104 『文化生活』の優生学―大正期の科学啓蒙と雑誌メディア― [日本歴史 730] 横山 尊 2009 日本歴史学会 Article
105 Changes in Residential Structure in 20th-Century Kyoto City [The Human Geography ; Jimbun-Chiri 61(6)] KIRIMURA, Takashi 2009 The Human Geographical Society of Japan Article
106 近代労働力移動の地域的展開―明治中期における香川県の出稼ぎと移住― [地方史研究 59(1)] SHIMADA, Norihito 2009 地方史研究協議会 Article
107 近世後期における山村の人口構造について [Bulletin of the Gakushuin University Archives Museum 15] NOJIRI, Yasuhiro 2009 The Gakushuin University Archives Museum Article
108 Date Analysis System for Population and Family Studies on Japan in the 17th-19th Centuries [The Human Geography ; Jimbun-Chiri 61(6)] KAWAGUCHI, Hiroshi 2009 The Human Geographical Society of Japan Article
109 歴史人口学と比較家族史 落合 恵美子,小島 宏,八木 透【編】 ; 比較家族史学会【監修】 2009 早稲田大学出版部 Book
110 山林地主家(福岡県)へ嫁いできた女性達―「ねんねんばばしゃま」の明治・大正・昭和― [福岡県地域史研究 25] 山口 信枝 2009 福岡県地域史研究所 Article
111 Measles and the spatio-temporal structure of modern Japan [The Economic History Review 62(4)] SUZUKI, Akihito 2009 Economic History Society (Basil Blackwell) Article
112 Ageing Polulation and Increase in the Degree of Income Inequality, Re-considered [Japanese Sociological Review ; Shakaigaku Hyoron 60(2)] SHIRAHASE, Sawako / TAKEUCHI, Toshiko 2009 The Japan Sociological Society Article
113 Context of Mobility :Experiencing Space in an Over-inflow/outflow City [The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities ; Jimbun Gakuho 407] NISHINO, Yoshimi 2009 The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Tokyo Metropolitan University Article
114 Development of Residential Estates and Aging in Oita City [The Research Bulletin of the Faculty of Education and Welfare Science, Oita University 31(1)] DOI, Haruhiro / KUBO, Katsuyo / ITAI, Mina 2009 The Faculty of Education and Welfare Science, Oita University Article
115 Did Runaways ever Return? [Chiikishi Kenkyu ; Bulletin of the History of Amagasaki 39(1)] SUGAHARA, Toshiji 2009 Amagasaki Municipal Archives Article
116 Historical Demography of Early-Modern Japan HAYAMI, Akira 2009 Fujiwara-shoten Book
117 Historical Studies on Population in Japan: Focusing on Toru Nagai [Journal of Economics 110(1)] SUGITA, Naho 2009 The Economic Society of Osaka City University Article
118 Population Movements and the Beginning of Economic Reconstruction in Early Postwar Okinawa [Ryukyu University Economic Review 78] KABIRA, Nario 2009 Faculty of Law & Letters, University of the Ryukyus Article
119 The Ancient Code inscribed on Banboo and Wooden Slips [Hakusan Shigaku ; The Historical Studies of Toyo University 45] IKEDA, Yuichi 2009 Hakusan Shigakukai ; The Historical Association of Toyo University Article
120 The Commercial City of Osaka and the System of Newly Reclaimed Rice Fields Kaisho: from Studies of Relics to Studies of System [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 216] ITO, Masayoshi 2009 Osaka Historical Association Article