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101 The History of Documentation of the Japanese Sword and Future Prospectives: Revaluation of Oshigata, a Traditional Documentation Method [Kokugakuin Zasshi ; The Journal of Kokugakuin University 118(11)] IMOTO, Yuki 2017 Kokugakuin University Article
102 The Industrial Heritage of Meiji Japan, Role of Scottish Engineer to Make Japanese Succeed in Learning the Western Technology [The Soka Economic Studies 46(1-4) 合併号] KITA, Masami 2017 The Soka University Economic Association Article
103 The Invisible Industry: Oxygen Gas, a Facilitator of the Industrialization in Japan SAWAI, Minoru 2017 名古屋大学出版会 Book
104 The Kilns in the Heian-Kyo Area: A New Look at the Green-Glazed Pottery Production [Journal of historical stud ies 19] ISHII, Seiji 2017 洛北史学会 Article
105 The Number of Patent Applications of the Machine Industry in Yamagata-shi and Fukushima-shi, 1971-2010 [Keizai Ronshu ; The Economic Review of Toyo University 42(2)] FUJII, Nobuyuki 2017 Toyo Daigaku Keizai Kenkyukai ; The Economic Society of Toyo University Article
106 The Organization of Technical Labour and Its Backgrounds under the Ritsuryō Regime [Journal of historical stud ies 19] KUSHIKI, Yoshinori 2017 洛北史学会 Article
107 The Roof-tiles of Shinano, Echigo, Sado Provincial Temples [The Journal of the Faculty of Letters, Nagoya University. History 63] KAJIWARA, Yoshimitsu 2017 Faculty of Letters, Nagoya University Article
108 The comprehensive R&D projects on the prevention systems of extraordinary shipwrecks in the sea off Japan [Kaiji Shi Kenkyu ; Journal of the Maritime History 74] TANI, Hiroshi 2017 The Japan Society of the History of Maritime Article
109 Weather Observation Network at Empire of Japan: The Karafuto Prefecture 山本 晴彦【著】 2017 農林統計出版 Book
110 Weather Observation Network at Empire of Japan: The South Seas Agency 山本 晴彦【著】 2017 農林統計出版 Book
111 Weather Observation at Empire of Japan: The hydrographic department and the navy weather part 山本 晴彦【著】 2017 農林統計出版 Book
112 神社に灯される電灯―「電灯台」の建設とその背景― [Shinano 68(3)] IDEGAWA, Hironori 2016 Shinano Shigaku-kai:Shinano Historical Society Article
113 長崎警備強化と反射炉の構築 (幕末佐賀藩の科学技術 上) 「幕末佐賀藩の科学技術」編集委員会【編】 2016 岩田書院 Book
114 アスベスト公害の技術論―公害・環境規制のあり方を問う― 田口 直樹【編著】 2016 ミネルヴァ書房 Book
115 奈良時代の「経箱」に関する私考 [奈良学研究 18] SEKINE, Shunichi 2016 *** Unknown *** Article
116 渡り陶工高原五郎七について [Fukuoka Chihōshi Kenkyū 54] SOEJIMA, Kunihiro 2016 福岡地方史研究会 Article
117 土が語る古代・中近世―土器の生産と流通― SHIRAISHI, Jun 2016 吉備人出版 Book
118 日米開戦と人造石油 IWAMA Satoshi 2016 朝日新聞出版 Book
119 日本製造業のイノベーション経済学分析―技術革新と組織改革の進化― LI, Yi 2016 Science Press Tokyo Book
120 江戸の酒―つくる・売る・味わう― YOSHIDA, Hajime 2016 岩波書店 Book