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1041 Formation of the Food Monitering Institutions in Germany and Direction to the “Modern Food system” [Memoirs of Kyoto Tachibana University 35] MINAMI, Naoto 2009 Kyoto Tachibana University Article
1042 German Schoolmasters as "Artisans" : the Case of the Imperial City Nuremberg [Memoirs of Faculty of Education, Shiga University. The Humanities & Social Science 59] TANIGUCHI, Kenji 2009 Faculty of Education, Shiga University Article
1043 German Unemployment Insurance System in the Great Depression [Seiyoshigaku ; The Studies in Western History 236] HARA, Nobuyoshi 2009 The Nippon Seiyoshigakukai ; The Japanese Society of Western History Article
1044 German trade unions in the Weimar republic : from craft unions to industrial unions MASUDA, Tachihiko 2009 立教大学出版会 Book
1045 Hannah = Arendt・Body・Africa: body wear in thought [The Social Sciences 83] TAMURA, Unkyo 2009 Institute for the Study of Humanities & Social Science, Doshisha University Article
1046 Histoire de la laïcité en France BAUBÉROT, Jean 2009 白水社 Book
1047 Historical prospects of the German 'social city' thesis [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 75(1)] BABA, Satoshi 2009 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
1048 History and Social Theory (2nd Edition) BURKE, Peter ; SATO, Kimihiko 2009 慶應義塾大学出版会 Book
1049 Inclusion and Exclusion in the 1964 American Economic Opportunity Act: "Maximum Feasible Participation" and Anti-Poverty Policy [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 858] TSUCHIYA, Kazuyo 2009 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
1050 Individualism, Collectivism and Public Health Policy in Early Twentieth-century England [Senshu Keizaigaku Ronshu ; Economic Bulletin of Senshu University 43(3)] NAGASHIMA, Takeshi 2009 Senshu Daigaku Keizai Gakkai ; The Economics Society of Senshu University Article
1051 Industrialization in the district of the Prague chamber of commerce and industry in the 1850/60's [The Keizai Ronkyu 134] NAGAHAMA, Koichi 2009 Kyushu-Daigaku-Daigakuin-Keizaigakukai Article
1052 Interaction Theory of É. Durkheim: A Comparison of the Social Order Theories of É. Durkheim, T. Parsons, and H. Garfinkel [Japanese Sociological Review ; Shakaigaku Hyoron 60(2)] TAKAHASHI, Shoko 2009 The Japan Sociological Society Article
1053 Italian Immigrants in Switzerland and the Policy of Their Protection: From the late Nineteenth Century to the World War I [Shiso ; Journal of Historical Studies 50] KITAMURA, Akeo 2009 The Historical Society of Japan Women's University Article
1054 John Dewey's design of the school as a community of learning: Developing integrated curriculum based on experience [The Annual Bulletin of the Institute for Economic and Cultural Studies 14] UENO, Masamichi 2009 The Institute for Economic and Cultural Studies, Keiai University Article
1055 Kampf zur Bekämpfung der Prostitution im wilhelminischen Deutschland: Auseinandersetzungen über das Reglementierungssystem im badischen Landestag [The Review of Economics & Political Science 77(3・4) 合併号] MITOBE, Yoshie 2009 The Economic and Political Institute of Meiji University Article
1056 Kumagusu Minakata, April 1888: His Letter to Edwin Willits, President of Michigan Agricultural College [Studies in The Humanities and Science 49(2)] YOSHIKAWA, Fumiko 2009 Hiroshima shudo University Article
1057 L'affaire Isaac Mèndes France: Rhétorique juridique qui présente les "Nègres" dans le context des"Juifs" [The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities ; Jimbun Gakuho 420] HOTTA, Yuri 2009 The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Tokyo Metropolitan University Article
1058 Lanista Circumforan[e]us: a Verification and Re-interpretation of its Historical Existence [Seiyoshi Ronso ; Studies in Western History 31] KAJITA, Tomoyuki 2009 Waseda Daigaku Seiyoshi Kenkyukai ; Historical Society of Waseda University, Western History Article
1059 Les Croix de Feu étaient-ils fascistes? [Osaka Economic Papers 59(2)] TAKEOKA, Yukiharu 2009 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
1060 Les Croix de Feu étaient-ils fascistes?: suite [Osaka Economic Papers 59(3)] TAKEOKA, Yukiharu 2009 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article