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81 State and Society centered on "being in Existence" [Journal of Japanese History ; Nihonshi Kenkyu 594] TAKAOKA, Hiroyuki 2012 The Japanese Society for Historical Studies ; Nihonshi Kenkyukai Article
82 The Relationship Between Migration to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and the Late-marriage Tendency: Comparing women born between the 1940s and 1980s [The Human Geography ; Jimbun-Chiri 64(4)] MARUYAMA, Yohei 2012 The Human Geographical Society of Japan Article
83 諏訪藩領宗門改帳 [信濃 63(12)] HAYAMI, Akira 2011 信濃史学会 Article
84 歴史人口学で読む江戸日本 HAMANO, Kiyoshi 2011 吉川弘文館 Book
85 戦後初期在日朝鮮人人口調査資料集 1 (在日朝鮮人資料叢書 3) 長澤 秀【編】 2011 緑蔭書房 Book
86 戦後初期在日朝鮮人人口調査資料集 2 (在日朝鮮人資料叢書 3) 長澤 秀【編】 2011 緑蔭書房 Book
87 Japan's Municipal Mergers in Showa and Heisei Era: A Comparison of Two Goverment-led Merger Promotion Policies [The Doshisha Hogaku ; The Doshisha Law Review 63(1)] ICHIKAWA, Yoshitaka 2011 The Doshisha Hogaku-kai ; The Doshisha Law Association Article
88 Japanese Policy in the Mobilization of Labor in Colonial Korea (1934-1936) [The journal of Japanese colonial studies 23] KATO, Keiki 2011 Colonial History Society of Japan Article
89 Overpopulation or Underpopulation?: Japan's Discourses on Demography in Retrospect [Hogaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Law, Politics and Sociology 84(1)] TADOKORO, Masayuki 2011 Hogaku-Kenkyu-Kai ; The Association for the Study of Law and Politics, Faculty of Law, Keio University Article
90 Reasons for the Emigration of Unmarried Women from Okinawa and the Reasoning of Migrant Men: Imperial Japanese History, Early Modern Okinawan History, and Women’s History at the Crossroads [Nanto Bunka ; Bulletin of the Institute of Ryukyuan Culture 33] KAWASHIMA, Jun 2011 Institute of Ryukyuan Culture, Okinawa International University Article
91 Reassessing the Reliability of the Family History Records in Uwajima-Han for Demographic Studies [Mita Business Review 54(5)] MURAKOSHI, Kazunori 2011 The Society of Business and Commerce, Keio University Article
92 The Birth of the City in Ancient Japan and the Question of Poverty [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 886] NITO, Atsushi 2011 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
93 The movement of the people between Korea and Manchukuo [The Journal of Politics, Economics and Law 14(1)] HAMAGUCHI, Yuko 2011 Institute for Research in Politics & Economics, Takushoku University Article
94 Theoretical Thoughts on "Population Problem"(4): Argument between W.Godwin and T.R.Malthus(iii) [Keizaigaku-Ronshu ; Journal of Economics and Sociology, Kagoshima University 77] NAKAMURA, Masafumi 2011 The Economic Society of Kagoshima University Article
95 横浜市人口のあゆみ2010 横浜市行政運営調整局総務部総務課【編】 2010 横浜市行政運営調整局総務部総務課 Book
96 人の移動の民俗学―タビ〈旅〉から見る生業と故郷― MATSUDA, Mutsuhiko 2010 慶友社 Book
97 Causes of lower fertility in East-Asia countries [Sophia Economic Review 55(1・2) 合併号] KITO, Hiroshi 2010 The Economic Research Society of Sophia University Article
98 Geographical Pattern of Migrants into Kyoto in the Early Modern Period: An Analysis of their Birthplaces [The Keizai Ronshu ; The Economic Review of Kansai University 60(2・3) 合併号] HAMANO, Kiyoshi 2010 The Economic Society of Kansai University Article
99 Osaka in the Showa Period and Zaihan Koreans (Korean Residents in Osaka Prefecture): Focusing on the Korean Problem in the Prewar Period [Study of Economic History ; Keizaishi Kenkyu 13] KITAZAKI, Toyoji 2010 Institute for Research in Economic History of Japan, Osaka University of Economics Article
100 The Population Increase, the Possession of Cultivated Land outside of, and the Tenant Farming in or outside of Izumi Domain Minamioji Village [Buraku Mondai Kenkyu ; The Bulletin of Buraku Problem 194] MITA, Satoko 2010 The Institute of Buraku Problem ; Buraku-Mondai Kenkyusho Article