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81 開発経済史―「途上国」日本からの学び― [The Keizai Seminar 703] ARIMOTO, Yutaka 2018 日本評論社 Article
82 Legal structure, business organisations and lobbying: The Japanese publishing sector, 1990-2001 [Business History 60(4)] ENDO, Takahiro 2018 Routledge Article
83 江戸時代日本の経済分析からみえる経済史学の可能性 [The Keizai Seminar 701] TAKATSUKI, Yasuo 2018 日本評論社 Article
84 岩波講座日本経済の歴史 第6巻 現代2―安定成長期から構造改革期 (1973-2010)― 深尾 京司,中村 尚史,中林 真幸【編】 2018 岩波書店 Book
85 岩波講座日本経済の歴史 第5巻 現代1―日中戦争期から高度成長期 (1937-1972)― FUKAO, Kyouji / NAKAMURA, Naofumi / NAKABAYASHI, Masaki 2018 岩波書店 Book
86 A Study of the History of Corporate Pension in Japan [Yokohama Business Review 38(3・4) 合併号] YAMAGUCHI, Osamu 2018 The Society for Business Administration of Yokohama National University Article
87 An Essay on the Entrepreneur Network in the Context of the Studies on Japanese Business History [The Journal of Faculty of Economics, Gakushuin University 55(1)] SUZUKI, Tsuneo 2018 Gakushuin University Article
88 An Evaluation of the Postal Savings System Among the Japanese Deposits and Savings Market in 1930s [Journal of Postal Museum Japan 9] ITO, Mariko 2018 *** Unknown *** Article
89 Autonomy and Myth in US occupied Okinawa [Senshu Shogaku Ronshu ; Commercial Review of Senshu University 107] NAKANO, Ikuo 2018 Senshu Daigaku Gakkai ; The Senshu University Research Society Article
90 Collection of Land Tax Silver by Merchant Banking Agent (Kakeya) in the Late Edo Period: Case Study of the Estates of Hitotsubashi Family in Bicchu Province [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 966] HIGASHINO, Masanobu 2018 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
91 Did Banks Over-Loan in Japan before World War II ?: deposit bank, issue bank, joint-stock bank [Keizai-Shirin ; The Hosei University Economic Review 85(4)] TSURUMI, Masayoshi 2018 The Keizai-Gakkai, Hosei University Article
92 Documents on the Merger between Hypothec Bank of Japan and Aichi Agricultural and Industrial Bank [Aichi Kenshi kenkyu:Bulletin of the history of Aichi 22] HAYAKAWA, Daisuke 2018 愛知県総務部県史編さん室 Article
93 Foreign Exchange Business of Mitsubishi Bank Limited in the Prewar Period [Mitsubishi Archives Review 19] KASUYA, Makoto 2018 The Mitsubishi Economic Research Institute Article
94 Foreign Financial Capital and the Rise of Local Financial Power: Analysis Focused on the Establishment of Mukden Official Silver Bureau [中国経済史研究 137] YAN, Hongzhong 2018 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
95 Foreign exchange clause and the Sterling crisis of 1931 : a study of price movement of Japanese government bonds in the London financial market [The University of Tsukuba Economic Review 70] TAKAHASHI, Hidenao 2018 The Department of Economics, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba Article
96 Formative Years of the World Bank's Lending Policy toward Japan: 1951-56(2) [Seijo University Economic Papers 215] ASAI, Yoshio 2018 The Economic Institute of Seijo University Article
97 Non-bank business and investment in mines of the Yokoyamas, a former minister of the Kaga clan, in the early Meiji Era [The Sho-Kei Ronso ; The Review of Economics and Commerce 53(1・2) 合併号] MATSUMURA, Satoshi 2018 The Society of Economics, Kanagawa University Article
98 Old money in modern Japan: the case of the Hashimotos in Onomichi city [The Sho-Kei Ronso ; The Review of Economics and Commerce 53(4)] MATSUMURA, Satoshi 2018 The Society of Economics, Kanagawa University Article
99 Research on network analysis focusing on Nagaoka Bank and Ojiya Bank during the Meiji Era [Hirosaki Economic Review 41] WATAHIKI, Nobumichi 2018 The Society of Economics, Hirosaki University Article
100 Rural Financial Cooperatives and Agriculture in Prewar Japan: The Effects of Their Loans on Agricultural Production and Land Rent [Journal of Rural Economics 90(3)] YURUGI, Takao / SAKURAI, Takeshi 2018 The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan Article