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81 探訪 ニッポンの金融史(58) [Monthly Kinyu Journal 58(12)] OCHIAI, Ko 2017 金融ジャーナル社 Article
82 A Research of Early Modern Period Terminal Ridge-end Tile Inscriptions of Temples and Shrines Located in Oji-cho, Nara [Bulletin of the Graduate School of the Humanities, Tezukayama University 17] TARANO, Shion 2017 *** Unknown *** Article
83 Accounting for Nuclear Power in Japan: The Possible Undercalculation of Nuclear Cost for Power Companies [Keizai-Ronso ; The Economic Review 191(2)] KANAMORI, Eri 2017 Kyoto Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; Kyoto University Economic Society Article
84 Activity in Honma Tokuo of engineering bureaucrat in the Korean Government-General: Korea, Manchukuo, China and Japan [Fukuoka University Review of Literature & Humanities 49(2)] HIROSE,Teizo 2017 Central Research Institute, Fukuoka University Article
85 Actual Image of Odoi Mainly on Excavation Result [Bulletin of the Graduate School of the Humanities, Tezukayama University 17] SUZUKI, Hisafumi 2017 *** Unknown *** Article
86 Cylindrical-Type Clay Artifacts in Ancient Japan and Korea: Focusing on Forms [Bulletin of the Graduate School of the Humanities, Tezukayama University 17] NISHIGAKI, Ryo 2017 *** Unknown *** Article
87 Development of Process of Digital Recording Technology: Focus on the Initiative of Sony's Engineers [Japan Business History Review 51(4)] HASEBE, Hiromichi 2017 Business History Society of Japan Article
88 Discipline of Dutch studies at Genboku Ito’s private school “Shosendo” in the Tenpo Era: The analysis of “Edo diary” written by Ryotetsu Kanatake, Who was the scholar of Dutch studies of the Saga Domain [Kokushigaku ; The Journal of Japanese History 222] NISHIDOME, Izumi 2017 Kokushi-Gakkai ; The Society of Japanese Historical Research Article
89 Formation Process of the Operating System on Patent Law in Modern Japan (1) [Hogakuronso ; Kyoto Law Review 181(5)] OIZUMI, Yousuke 2017 The Kyoto University Law Association Article
90 Globalization of Japan as "the Far East" from the Viewpoint of Transportation and Telecommunication Infrastructure [Geographical Review of Japan ; Chirigaku Hyoron 90(4)] ARAI, Yoshio 2017 The Association of Japanese Geographers ; Nippon Chiri- Gakkai Article
91 Maintenance of Diesel Rolling Stocks in Non-electrified Local Railways through the Befu Materials: Sangi Rwy, Kojyaku Rwy, Yahata Ironworks Rwy and Befu Rwy [Journal of Economics 118(1)] SAKAGAMI, Shigeki / HARADA, Hagane 2017 The Economic Society of Osaka City University Article
92 Mining Pollution, Metal Recycling, and Ideal Mining Town: Kosaka Mine in Akita Prefecture and Fusanosuke Kuhara's Thought and Actions [Keizai-Ronso ; The Economic Review 191(2)] MOROTOMI, Toru 2017 Kyoto Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; Kyoto University Economic Society Article
93 On the "Gyutou Ikkan"(1868), a document of Vaccination: Part two [Bulletin of the Faculty of Law and Letters, University of the Ryukyus 3] TOMIYAMA, Kazuyuki 2017 Faculty of Law and Letters, Univesity of the Ryukyu Article
94 Pottery Types and Principle of Residential Plan in Yayoi Period Kanto, Eastern Japan [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 160] SATŌ, Kenri 2017 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
95 Preservation of Modernization Heritage a Focus on the Nationally Designationed Itabashi Black Powder Arsenal site [Kokugakuin Zasshi ; The Journal of Kokugakuin University 118(11)] KONISHI, Masanori 2017 Kokugakuin University Article
96 Takase-bune on the Tone river (II) [Kaiji Shi Kenkyu ; Journal of the Maritime History 74] KAGEYAMA, Kazunori 2017 The Japan Society of the History of Maritime Article
97 Textiles of Maritime Silk Road YOSHIDA, Masako 2017 Chuo-koron Bijutsu Shuppan Book
98 The Availability of Dr. Ikeda's Patent for Monosodium Glutamate Manufacturing Process and Its Importance to the Development of Ajinomoto Company Business [Japan Business History Review 51(4)] HIRAMATSU, Shigemi 2017 Business History Society of Japan Article
99 The Coal Industry in Vietnam from the 19th Century to the 20th Century [Keizai Ronshu ; The Economic Review of Toyo University 43(1)] SHIMANISHI, Tomoki 2017 Toyo Daigaku Keizai Kenkyukai ; The Economic Society of Toyo University Article
100 The Dice made of Dugong dugon Ribs: technical examinations of the production process [Bulletin of the Historiographical Institute 40] MORIMOTO, Isao 2017 Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education Article