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881 A History of South Africa: Social and Economic De KIEWIET, Cornelis Willem 2010 Bunshindo Book
882 A Survey of the Household of Russian Middle Service Gentry in the 16th and 17th Centuries [Cheng Kung Journal of Historical Studies 38] HO, Pin 2010 Department of History, National Cheng Kung University Article
883 American Indian Relocation Program (1952-73): Urbanization of American Indians and the Development of Pan-Indian Community in Denver, Colorado [Osaka Keidai Ronshu ; Journal of Osaka University of Economics 61(2)] ONO, Azusa 2010 Osaka Keidai Gakkai ; Osaka University of Economics Institute Article
884 An American Theory of Consumption in the 1920's: A Woman Economist, Hazel Kyrk [Economic Studies 60(3)] IKEGAKI, Kotoe 2010 Hokkaido University Article
885 Between the Orthodox Commonwealth and the Greek Nation State: The Language and Identity of the Vlachs in Ottoman Macedonia [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 873] MURATA, Nanako 2010 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
886 Boundaries between Public and Private: Sexual Offences Law Reform Movement in the Pre-war Britain (II) [Saitama University Review (Faculty of Liberal Arts) 46(1)] ICHIHASHI, Hideo 2010 Faculty of Liberal Arts, Saitama University Article
887 British Mining Education and Mining Engineers, 1850-1920s (IV) : Some Problems for Mining Education observed in the Reports of the Departmental Committee 1904-6 [Mita Business Review 53(2)] KUDO, Norikazu 2010 The Society of Business and Commerce, Keio University Article
888 CARNAL KNOWLEDGE AND IMPERIAL POWER: Race and the Intimate in Colonial Rule STOLER, Ann Laura 2010 以文社 Book
889 Christian Democracy in Italian Politics [The Hogaku Ronshu ; The Law Review of Kansai University 60(2)] TOKURA, Kanji 2010 The Law Society of Kansai University Article
890 Church and World in the Middle Ages FELTEN, Franz J. ; JINNO, Takashi 2010 山川出版社 Book
891 Comparative Study on Lacal Governance System: Japan and Canada(1) [Hogakuronso ; Kyoto Law Review 167(3)] KIDO, Hideki 2010 The Kyoto University Law Association Article
892 Comparative Study on Local Governance System: Japan and Canada(2) [Hogakuronso ; Kyoto Law Review 167(4)] KIDO, Hideki 2010 The Kyoto University Law Association Article
893 Consumer Credit at the Turn of the Twentieth Century and the Morris Plan: Establishment and Characteristics of Industrial Banking Companies [The Business Review 61(2)] TAKAYAMA, Koji 2010 The Society of Business Research, Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University Article
894 Countering Forced Sterilization and Euthanasia by Nazis Sister Anna Bertha Königsegg [The Ritsumeikan Business Review 48(6)] ITO, Tomio 2010 The Society of Business Administration of Ritsumeikan University Article
895 Cultural Politics of Tourism, Ethnicity and Memory: Ethnic Museums in the United States [The Rekishi Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 47] MA, Xiaohua 2010 *** Unknown *** Article
896 D'une ligue extrême-droite au parti parlementaire. La naissance du Parti social français [Osaka Economic Papers 60(2)] TAKEOKA, Yukiharu 2010 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
897 D'une ligue extrême-droite au parti parlementaire. La naissance du Parti social français(suite) [Osaka Economic Papers 60(3)] TAKEOKA, Yukiharu 2010 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
898 Development of Private Security and Japanese Security Service in the Crime Prevention Age [The Doshisha Hogaku ; The Doshisha Law Review 62(4)] SEGAWA, Akira 2010 The Doshisha Hogaku-kai ; The Doshisha Law Association Article
899 Diaspora oder Ortsveränderungen? Spätmittelalterliche Judenverfolgung und jüdische Niederlassungsform im Deutschland [Shikan ; The Historical Review 163] FURUKAWA, Masayuki 2010 The Historical Society of Waseda University Article
900 Die typische Formenvielfalt der deutschen Gemeindeverfassung [The Hiroshima Economic Review 34(1)] KATO, Fusao 2010 The Economics Society of Hiroshima University Article