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61 The Actual Conditions and Characteristics of the Tempo Crisis in the Economically Advanced Area: A Case Study of the Kishu Domain [The Journal of Agricultural History 48] IKEMOTO, Hiroyuki 2014 The Agricultural History Society of Japan Article
62 Theoretical Thoughts on ""Population Problems"" : Marx's Theory of Population (ii) [Keizaigaku-Ronshu ; Journal of Economics and Sociology, Kagoshima University 83] NAKAMURA, Masafumi 2014 The Economic Society of Kagoshima University Article
63 Adoption and Family Reproduction in Early Modern Japan [The Economic Review 64(1)] KUROSU, Satomi 2013 Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University Article
64 The construction of cause-of-death statistics database of modern Japan- part(1): issues and approaches [Osaka Economic Papers 63(1)] HANASHIMA, Makoto / TOMOBE, Ken’ichi 2013 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
65 18th century; the time of change by local transformation and people movement: Research about "shumonninbetumokuroku" of the Morioka Han [Rekishi ; Tohoku Historical Journal 120] NAMIKAWA, Kenji 2013 Tohoku Shigakukai ; Tohoku Historical Society Article
66 A Note on Population Stagnation in Mature Phase of Civilization: A Simulation [Sophia Economic Review 58(1・2) 合併号] KITO, Hiroshi 2013 The Economic Research Society of Sophia University Article
67 Economic Analysis of Families and Society: The Transformation of Japanese Society and Public Policies YAMASHIGE, Shinji 2013 University of Tokyo Press Book
68 Intant mortality and industrialization in the Osaka city between the World wars [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 236] HIGAMI, Emiko 2013 Osaka Historical Association Article
69 Listening to the Voices of Women: An Attempt to Read Historical Records Surrounding the Issue of Pregnancy and Childbirth in Early-modern Japan [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 912] SAWAYAMA, Mikako 2013 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
70 Pregnancy and infanticide in early-modern Japan: the role of the midwife as a medium [The Ronso ; Bulletin of the Faculty of Letters, Tamagawa University 54] GOTTARDO, Marco 2013 The Faculty of Letters, Tamagawa University Article
71 The Population Problem and Arguments about Japanese Emigrants: Fear and Desire in Meiji Japan [The Doshisha Hogaku ; The Doshisha Law Review 64(8)] OKABAYASHI, Nobuo 2013 The Doshisha Hogaku-kai ; The Doshisha Law Association Article
72 Theoretical Thoughts on "Population Problems" (5): Marx's Theory of Population(i) [Keizaigaku-Ronshu ; Journal of Economics and Sociology, Kagoshima University 81] NAKAMURA, Masafumi 2013 The Economic Society of Kagoshima University Article
73 東京満蒙開拓団 東京の満蒙開拓団を知る会【著】 2012 ゆまに書房 Book
74 大日本帝国の崩壊と引揚・復員 MASUDA, Hiroshi 2012 慶應義塾大学出版会 Book
75 "Being in Existence" in the Early Modern Ages [Journal of Japanese History ; Nihonshi Kenkyu 594] IWAKI, Takuji 2012 The Japanese Society for Historical Studies ; Nihonshi Kenkyukai Article
76 A Cohort Analysis of Internal Migration in Japan during the 1940s [Geographical Review of Japan ; Chirigaku Hyoron 85(4)] TANI, Kenji 2012 The Association of Japanese Geographers ; Nippon Chiri- Gakkai Article
77 Demography of the Setouchi Area in 19th Century [Matsuyama Daigaku Ronshu ; Matsuyama University Review 24(4-2)] HAYAMI, Akira 2012 Matsuyama University Article
78 Movement of Labour centred around the Japanese islands and Capital Accumulation [The Study of Business and Industry 28] TAKUWA, Koshi 2012 The Research Institute of Commerce, College of Commerce, Nihon University Article
79 On Superstitions and Rural-demography in Premodern in Kinai [Review of economics 16(4)] MIURA, Shinobu 2012 九州産業大学経済学会 Article
80 On the Information Attributes of the NINBETSU CHO (NC) : population register in the pre-modern Japan [Keizai-Shirin ; The Hosei University Economic Review 79(4)] MORI, Hiromi 2012 The Keizai-Gakkai, Hosei University Article