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661 The Establishment of the Gold Standard of Japan in 1897 and Korekiyo Takahashi [The Papers and Proceedings of Economics 140,141 合併号] KAMIYAMA, Tuneo 2008 Meiji Gakuin University, Society of Economics Article
662 The Historical Development of Japan's Reserve Deposit Requirement System [Japanese Studies 103] SAITO, Yoshihiko 2008 Institute of Japanese Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ; Chinese Association for Japanese Article
663 The Imperialistic Development of the Japanese Economy and Yokohama Specie Bank [The Chuo-Gakuin University Review of Economics & Commerce 22(2)] KIKUCHI, Michio 2008 The Faculty of Commerce, Chuo-Gakuin University Article
664 The management of bank established real estate business in interwar period Japan: A case of Koushi Reality Co. and Chosen Bank [Ehime Keizai Ronshu ; Ehime Economic Journal 27(1)] YAMAGUCHI, Yoshito 2008 Ehime Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; The Society of Ehime University Article
665 The stability of the credit multiplier and the money demand function in 1930s Japan [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 74(4)] NAITO, Tomonori 2008 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
666 Unemployment Insurance Law in Occupied Okinawa [Senshu Shogaku Ronshu ; Commercial Review of Senshu University 86] NAKANO, Ikuo 2008 Senshu Daigaku Gakkai ; The Senshu University Research Society Article
667 Can a rapidly growing export-oriented economy exit smoothly from a currency peg? Lessons from Japan's high-growth era [Explorations in Economic History 44(3)] EICHENGREEN, Barry / Hatase, Mariko 2007 Graduate Program in Economic History (Kent State University Press) Article
668 『後鳥羽院日記』逸文と懸銭の流行―懸銭連歌と宋銭停止令をめぐって― [日本歴史 714] 井原 今朝男 2007 日本歴史学会 Article
669 旧庄内藩御家禄派の企業展開と儒教―第六十七国立銀行分析の前提として― [Chiho Kinyushi Kenkyu 38] 渋谷 隆一 2007 Chiho Kinyushi Kenkyukai Article
670 三井文庫所蔵史料 第13集 一件書類目録(補遺) 三井文庫【編】 2007 三井文庫 Book
671 Banking Mismanagement as the Origin of the Financial Panic of 1927 in Japan: A Case Study [Mita Business Review 49(6)] MORETTO, Marta 2007 The Society of Business and Commerce, Keio University Article
672 淡路信用金庫70年史 2007 淡路信用金庫 Book
673 Micro-aspects of monetary policy: Lender of Last Resort and selection of banks in pre-war Japan [Explorations in Economic History 44(4)] OKAZAKI, Tetsuji 2007 Graduate Program in Economic History (Kent State University Press) Article
674 関経連60年の歩み 2007 関西経済連合会 Book
675 大正期地方都市中小資産家の投資(投機)資金調達―福岡市の河内卯兵衛を事例として― [福岡県地域史研究 24] 永江 眞夫 2007 福岡県地域史研究所 Article
676 定期積金事始め [Chiho Kinyushi Kenkyu 38] 岡田 和喜 2007 Chiho Kinyushi Kenkyukai Article
677 Economic Surveillance in East Asia and Prospective Issues [The Kyoto Economic Review 76(2)] MURASE, Tetsuji 2007 Office of Advanced Economic Analysis, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University Article
678 沖縄銀行五十年史 沖縄銀行50年史編纂委員会【編】 2007 沖縄銀行 Book
679 A Reconsideration of the Public Funds Loaning Policy in the Early Modern Times [Kokushigaku ; The Journal of Japanese History 192] OKA, Kouji 2007 Kokushi-Gakkai ; The Society of Japanese Historical Research Article
680 A Study of the History of the Rental and Leasing Business: the Post-World War II Era (II) [Rikkyo Economic Review 60(4)] MIZUTANI, Kenji 2007 Economic Society of Rikkyo University Article