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661 The Procedures in Criminal Cases and the Role Played by the Honshi, an Administrator of a Public Office in Ancient Japan [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 222] OOI, Kiyo 2010 Osaka Historical Association Article
662 The Role of Nyokan's Family Background in Her Promotion to an Aristocratic Rank [Senshu-Shigaku ; Journal of the Historical Association of Senshu University 49] IJUIN, Yoko 2010 Historical Association of Senshu University Article
663 The Selection of Placenta Ritual Sites in the Ancient Japanese Capital, Heijo-kyo [The Human Geography ; Jimbun-Chiri 62(3)] YAMACHIKA, Kumiko 2010 The Human Geographical Society of Japan Article
664 The Sovereign Rights and the States of Queen Himiko, "Qing-wei wo-wang" [The Toyoshi-Kenkyu, Taisho University ; Eastern History, Taisho University 3] KAWAKATSU, Mamoru 2010 The Toyoshi-Kenkyu-kai ; The Society of Oriental Researches, Taisho University Article
665 The Tokharian who visited Asuka from the Western Reagions [Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University 43] NISHIMOTO, Masahiro 2010 The Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University Article
666 The envoy of imperial guards of Kasuga Festival at the Heian era [Kyushu-Shigaku 156] SAITO, Takumi 2010 Kyushu Society of Historical Research Article
667 The mourning ceremony for the emperor in Heian Period [Kyushu-Shigaku 156] YAMASHITA, Yohei 2010 Kyushu Society of Historical Research Article
668 The parade of Buke Heishi [Shigaku-Kenkyu ; Review of Historical Studies 268] SAITOU, Takumi 2010 Hiroshima Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Hiroshima for Historical Studies Article
669 Use-wear Analysis of Stone Tools from Etorofu Island, the Southern Kuril Islands [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 140] TAKASE, Katsunori 2010 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
670 百舌鳥御廟山古墳(大阪府堺市)の陵墓「限定公開」参加記 [歴史評論 714] MORIOKA, Hideto / HAKUTANI, Tomoyo 2009 歴史科学協議会 Article
671 邪馬台国と纏向遺跡 [Homo Economicus 63(7)] ISHINO, Hironobu 2009 関西経済連合会 Article
672 「寒早十首」が描く民衆について [歴史評論 710] SHIBUTANI, Keiichi 2009 歴史科学協議会 Article
673 「倭国」の形成と「邪馬台国」 [歴史評論 710] KOJIMA, Shigetosi 2009 歴史科学協議会 Article
674 王の後継者候補―皇太子成立以前― [日本歴史 730] 中田 興吉 2009 日本歴史学会 Article
675 郡司職分田試論 [日本歴史 728] 磐下 徹 2009 日本歴史学会 Article
676 延暦期における鋳銭司の停廃と再置―長岡遷都と関連して― [日本歴史 732] 江草 宣友 2009 日本歴史学会 Article
677 官人代の成立 [日本歴史 738] 田原 光泰 2009 日本歴史学会 Article
678 古代の「林」と土地経営 [日本歴史 734] 北村 安裕 2009 日本歴史学会 Article
679 古代東国の石碑をめぐる二、三の問題 [ぐんま史料研究 26] MAEZAWA, Kazuyuki 2009 群馬県立文書館 Article
680 考古学からみた倭国 SHIRAISHI, Taichiro 2009 青木書店 Book