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661 The Birth and Development of Stonemasonry in Onomichi [Journal of Okayama Shoka University 40(3)] SATO, Akitsugu 2005 Okayama Shoka Daigaku Gakkai Article
662 The Regulation of Lighting in Urban Space: The Problematization of Street Lighting in the Late 1920s Japan [Japanese Sociological Review ; Shakaigaku Hyoron 55(4)] CHIKAMORI, Takaaki 2005 The Japan Sociological Society Article
663 The study on Meteorological Observatory in Gunma Prefecture during Meiji Era [Bulletin of the Institute for Research of Regional Economy ; Sangyo Kenkyu 41(1)] TOMIZAWA, Kazuhiro / Esaki, Satoshi 2005 The Institute for Research of Regional Economy, Takasaki City University of Economics Article
664 The typological sequence of Rokuro Haji Ware in southern Mutsu [Chuo Shigaku 28] SEKINE, Akiyoshi 2005 Chuo Shigakukai ; Chuo Historical Society, Faculty of Literature, Chuo University Article
665 Where the "Relay of Life" Reaches: A View from the " Pre-Bioethics" Period in Japan [Thought 977] TANAKA, Tomohiko 2005 Iwanami Shoten Article
666 Why in An Inlet Part of Red Mailbox Round ? [The Bulletin of Postal History Society of Japan 21] INOUE, Takuro 2005 郵便史研究会 Article
667 日本古代正倉建築の研究 TOMIYAMA, H. 2004 法政大学出版局 Book
668 武蔵石壽の著作活動―書誌情報をもとに― [Bulletin of Graduate Studies 53] ISHII, Sumiko 2004 Hosei University Graduate School Article
669 日本の特許家具 戦前編 宮内 悊【著】 2004 井上書院 Book
670 太田正雄(木下杢太郎)のハンセン病研究について [歴史評論 656] 松岡 弘之 2004 歴史科学協議会 Article
671 古記録による16世紀の天候記録 MIZUKOSHI, Mitsuharu 2004 東京堂出版 Book
672 別子鉱山目論見書 第1部 ルイ・ラロック【著】 ; 住友史料館【編】 2004 住友史料館 Book
673 和紙の源流─東洋手すき紙の多彩な伝統─ KUME, Yasuo 2004 岩波書店 Book
674 加西市史 第5巻 本編5 文化財(建造物) 加西市史編さん委員会【編】 2004 加西市 Book
675 75 years of Hitachi Dentetsu SHIRATO, Sadao 2004 NEKO Publishing Co.,Ltd. Book
676 A Review of Japanese Forest Economics [Forest Economy 57(6)] HANDA, Ryoichi 2004 *** Unknown *** Article
677 A Statistical Survey of Oyatoi (Japan's Foreign Employees) in Early Meiji [Osaka Economic Papers 54(3)] UEMURA, Shoji 2004 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
678 A Study of the Former Osho Village Office designed by Murano Togo: From the Standpoint of Architectural History [Chiikishi Kenkyu ; Bulletin of the History of Amagasaki 33(2)] KASAHARA, Kazuto 2004 Amagasaki Municipal Archives Article
679 A study of Aristocratic Residences in the Heian Period 飯淵 康一【著】 2004 中央公論美術出版 Book
680 Effects of the Multi-purpose dam on the Hydro Electric Power Plants in Japan [The Business Review 55(1)] NAKASE, Akifumi 2004 The Society of Business Research, Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University Article