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641 On the Enterprise Objectives by American Management Scholars: Focus on C. Barnard and J. Dean [Shogaku Ronsan ; The Journal of Commerce 53(3・4) 合併号] TAHAKASHI, Yoshiaki 2012 Chuo Daigaku Shogaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Business and Commerce in Chuo University Article
642 Protest under "Rule by Culture": The 1799 Suzhou Literati Protest and the Imperial Response [Bulletin of The institute of Modern History Academia Sinica 75] HAN, Seunghyun ; LIAO, Jenn-wang 2012 Institute of Modern History Academia Sinica Article
643 Rediscovering Anarchy: From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to the Global Financial Crisis [Keizaigaku-Ronso ; The Doshisha University Economic Review 64(1)] ONOZUKA, Yoshimitsu 2012 The Doshisha Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; The Doshisha Economic Association Article
644 Regulation of prostitution in nineteenth-century Britain: "the liberty of the subject" and enactment of the contagious Diseases Act [Shien ; The Journal of Historical Studies, Rikkyo University 72(2)] TAMURA, Toshiyuki 2012 The Historical Society of Rikkyo University Article
645 Remedial measures against soil contamination and urban planning in contaminated sites in Sweden [Bulletin of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University 18] YAMASHITA, Jun 2012 Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University Article
646 Rituals and degrees of freemasonry in the age of the Enlightenment: From Craft tradition to knight legend [Hakusan Shigaku ; The Historical Studies of Toyo University 48] FUKAZAWA, Katsumi 2012 Hakusan Shigakukai ; The Historical Association of Toyo University Article
647 Russian Universities and Students under the First World War [The Kwansei Gakuin Historical Review 39] HASHIMOTO,Nobuya 2012 The Historical Association, Kwansei Gakuin University Article
648 School Fee Problems in Prussian Elementary School in the Second Half of 19th Century (3): Approval of the Burden Reduction Act (1) [Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Ehime University 59] YAMAMOTO, Hisao 2012 The Faculty of Education, Ehime University Article
649 Self-taxation in the Russian Countryside (1924-1933): for the Problems of the Final Stage of Peasant Commune [The Journal of Economics 77(4)] OKUDA, Hiroshi 2012 The Society of Economics, the University of Tokyo Article
650 Social Insurance System in Germany during the World War One (1) [Keizaigaku-Kenkyu ; Journal of Political Economy 79(2・3) 合併号] KAKU, Sachio 2012 Kyushu-Daigaku-Keizai-Gakkai ; Society of Political Economy, Kyushu University Article
651 Social Origins of Indentured Servants in Early Modern England: A Social and Economic History ISHI, Takeshi 2012 渓水社 Book
652 Spain in the International Arena of the 20th Century: Between Atlanticism and Europeanism HOSODA, Haruko 2012 千倉書房 Book
653 The American Zionists and Palestine: from view points of Nation State and Democracy [Keizai-Shirin ; The Hosei University Economic Review 79(4)] IKEDA, Yukako 2012 The Keizai-Gakkai, Hosei University Article
654 The Catholic Social Movement at the End of 19th Century: Analysis of the People's Association of Catholic Germany [Seiyoshigaku ; The Studies in Western History 246] OZAKI, Shuji 2012 The Nippon Seiyoshigakukai ; The Japanese Society of Western History Article
655 The Derby Sunday interment problem of 1887: the management of municipal cemeteries in the late nineteenth century Britain [The Social Sciences 42(2・3) 合併号] KUBO, Yoichi 2012 Institute for the Study of Humanities & Social Science, Doshisha University Article
656 The Expansion of American Elementary Schooling in the 19th Century [Review of Economic History 52] GO, Sun 2012 The Korean Economic History Society Article
657 The Failed Welfare Reform Plan: The Universal Income Guarantee in the United States [Journal of American Economic History 11] HONDA, Hirokuni 2012 American Economic History Association , Japan Article
658 The Nanjing Massacre and the Academic Discourse Analysis [The Ritsumeikan Economic Review 61(3)] ZHANG, Lianhong 2012 The Ritsumaikan University Economic Society Article
659 The Poor and Workhouse in 18th and 19th Century London: On the Parish of St Andrew undershaft [The Kyotogakuen University Review, Faculty of Business Administration 21(2)] UHARA, Takashi 2012 Kyotogakuen Daigaku Keieigakubu Gakkai Article
660 The Taste of War: World War Two and the Battle for Food COLLINGHAM, Lizzie ; UTAN, Kiyomi / KUROWA, Atsushi 2012 河出書房新社 Book