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641 昭和農業技術史への証言 第4集 NISHIO, Toshihiko 2005 農山漁村文化協会 Book
642 近世漆器の産業技術と構造 KITANO, Nobuhiko 2005 雄山閣 Book
643 漆と工芸品 [季刊民族学 112] 日髙 真吾 2005 千里文化財団 Article
644 富岡製糸場の機械掛石川正龍について─その人物像と活動を中心に─ [ぐんま史料研究 23] SUNAGA, Taiichi 2005 群馬県立文書館 Article
645 鉄道車輌工業と自動車工業 (近代日本の社会と交通 第12巻) SAKAGAMI, Shigeki 2005 日本経済評論社 Book
646 A Historical Study on Remuneration for Employees' Inventions: Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Its Invention Award Rules [The Kokumin-Keizai Zasshi ; Journal of Economics & Business Administration 191(6)] MAEDA, Hiroko 2005 The Keizai-Keiei Gakkai, Kobe University Article
647 Arrival of matchlock guns and popularity of Nambanryu gun technique [Tochigi-Shigaku ; The Tochigi Journal of Japanese History 19] UDAGAWA, Takehisa 2005 Kokugakuin Daigaku Tochigi Tankidaigaku Article
648 Bioethics: Its Face of Janus [Thought 977] KANAMORI, Osamu 2005 Iwanami Shoten Article
649 Critique of Science at the Crossroads [Thought 973] AYABE, Hironori 2005 Iwanami Shoten Article
650 Ex-Voto Marins of the Tōsan region [Kaiji Shi Kenkyu ; Journal of the Maritime History 62] HAGINO, Kenji 2005 The Japan Society of the History of Maritime Article
651 Introduction of Chinese lugsail into Japan [Kaiji Shi Kenkyu ; Journal of the Maritime History 62] NOMOTO, Kensaku 2005 The Japan Society of the History of Maritime Article
652 Mitsubishi's career technician (continued) 1908-1917 [Mitsubishi Archives Review 6] SUZUKI, Yoshitaka 2005 The Mitsubishi Economic Research Institute Article
653 Monographs on the History of Geography in the East: Volume on Japanese Society UNNO, Kazutaka 2005 Seibundo Book
654 Navigation in Pre/Protohistoric Japan: A Typological Study on Wooden Rows, from the Jômon Period to the Kofun Period [Machikaneyama Ronso. History 39] YOSHIDA, Tomofumi 2005 Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University Article
655 Night Technical Education in Prewar Osaka: Cases of Osaka Municipal Miyakojima Technical Night School and Evening Classes at the Osaka Prefectural Imamiya Technical School [Osaka Economic Papers 54(4)] SAWAI, Minoru 2005 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
656 Re-examination of the Round-Table Conference on Nuclear Power Policy in Japan [Thought 973] ONAI, Takayuki 2005 Iwanami Shoten Article
657 Reportage that Produces Realities to be Recorded [Thought 980] TOBA, Koji 2005 Iwanami Shoten Article
658 Some Primitive Factors Reflected on the Cross-section of the Marukobune boat in the Lake Biwa Region [Shigaku ; The Historical Science 73(4)] MAKINO, Kumi 2005 Mita-Shigaku-Kai ; The Mita Historical Society Article
659 Study of Fujio Mamiya, his “Toshokan Zasshi, Library Journal” and “Toshokan Kenkyu, Library Research” [St.Andrew's University Economic and Business Review 46(4)] SHIHOTA, Tutomu 2005 The Research Institute, St.Andrew's University Article
660 Technical Tradition of Binchotan(Bincho-charcoal) Production by the Migration of City Residents to Mountain Village: A Case Study of Mountain Village in Central Part of Wakayama Prefecture [Matsuyama Daigaku Ronshu ; Matsuyama University Review 17(2)] SHINOHARA, Shigenori 2005 Matsuyama University Academic Research Society Article