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581 東アジア四千年の永続農業(上)―中国・朝鮮・日本― (図説・中国文化百華 11) KING, F.H. 2009 農山漁村文化協会 Book
582 東アジア四千年の永続農業(下)―中国・朝鮮・日本― (図説・中国文化百華 12) KING, F.H. 2009 農山漁村文化協会 Book
583 満洲の農業 (アジア学叢書201) 南満洲鉄道株式会社総務部調査課【編】 2009 大空社 Book
584 アジアの在来家畜―家畜の起源と系統史― 在来家畜研究会【編】 2009 名古屋大学出版会 Book
585 20世紀前半中国における草蓆の生産について―日中経済摩擦と在来・外来の視点から― [Shigaku-Kenkyu ; Review of Historical Studies 265] 弁納 才一 2009 Hiroshima Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Hiroshima for Historical Studies Article
586 Agricultural productivity and rural incomes in England and the Yangtze Delta, c.1620-c.1820 [The Economic History Review 62(3)] ALLEN, Robert C. 2009 Economic History Society (Basil Blackwell) Article
587 ‘Lazy’Natives, Coolie Labour, and the Assam Tea Industry [Modern Asian Studies 43(6)] SHARMA, Jayeeta 2009 Cambridge University Press Article
588 Return of the Bhadralok: Ecology and Agrarian Relations in Eastern Bengal, c.1905-1947 [Modern Asian Studies 43(6)] IQBAL, Iftekhar 2009 Cambridge University Press Article
589 The Economic transition in Myanmar after 1988: market economy versus state control FUJITA, Koichi / MIENO, Fumiharu / OKAMOTO, Ikuko (ed.) 2009 Kyoto University Press Book
590 Identifying the woes of the cotton textile industry in Bengal: tales of the nineteenth century [The Economic History Review 62(4)] RAY, Indrajit 2009 Economic History Society (Basil Blackwell) Article
591 1950年代韓国における石炭産業の復興と成長―軍派遣団の支援と民営炭鉱の登場、そして大韓石炭公社の合理化― [エネルギー史研究 24] 林 采成 2009 九州大学記録資料館産業経済資料部門 Article
592 Planting Rice on the Roof of the UN Building: Analysing Taiwan's “Chinese” Techniques in Africa, 1961-present [The China Quarterly 198] LIU, Philip Hsiao-pong 2009 School of Oriental and AfricanStudies (Cambidge University Press) Article
593 The Co-ordinating State and the Economy: The Nizamat in Eighteenth-Century Bengal [Modern Asian Studies 43(2)] MUKHERJEE, Tilottama 2009 Cambridge University Press Article
594 満洲グラフ 第15巻 満鉄会【監修】 2009 ゆまに書房 Book
595 満洲グラフ 第14巻 満鉄会【監修】 2009 ゆまに書房 Book
596 満洲グラフ 第9巻 満鉄会【監修】 2009 ゆまに書房 Book
597 A Case Study of the Change in Landownership Structure of the Farmers to Whom Lands Were Allotted in Hojeo, Wonju [Review of Economic History 46] CHO, Seok-Gon 2009 The Korean Economic History Society Article
598 A Comment of Research on Commercial Economy in Jin Dynasty in Recent Thirty Years [Trends of Recent Researches on the History of China 362] WANG, Depeng 2009 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
599 A Glimpse of Agricultural Policy of Jin and Mongol Periods as Seen in the Implementaion of Outian System [The Toyoshi-Kenkyu ; The Journal of Oriental Researches 67(4)] IGURO, Shinobu 2009 The Toyoshi-Kenkyu-Kai ; The Society of Oriental Researches Article
600 A Special Lu Area: textual research on the institution of Kaifeng prefecture in the Song Dynasty [Journal of Chinese Historical Studies 121] JIA, Yuying 2009 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article