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41 A Hypothesis on the "Royal Consort's Palace" in Ancient Japan [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 164] SAKURADA, Marie 2018 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
42 A Reconsideration Study on the Actual Conditions of Agricultural Production in the Ancient times [Shiso ; Journal of Historical Studies 59] ITO, Toshikazu 2018 The Historical Society of Japan Women's University Article
43 An Archaeological Study of Pottery under the Influence of Kyoto Court Culture in Old Mutsu: A Case Study of Pottery in the 12th century at Tagajo Castle Site [Rekishi ; Tohoku Historical Journal 131] TATEUCHI, Kai 2018 Tohoku Shigakukai ; Tohoku Historical Society Article
44 Archaeological Research of Ships in Japan: Ships embrace Vessel, Boat, Dugout, Canoe, and Raft TSUJIO, Eiichi 2018 ニューサイエンス社 Book
45 Guaranteeing Survival and Reproduction in Local Communities in Ancient Japan [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 977] SAKAE, Wataru 2018 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
46 Ichi-no Tsukasa (market officials) and Ichi-Bito (merchants) in the Eastern and Western Market Office of Heijō-kyō [Tokyo Daigaku Shiryo Hensan-jo Kenkyu Kiyo ; Research Annual of the Historiographical Institute 28] ICHIKAWA Rie 2018 Historiographical Institute, the University of Tokyo Article
47 Nature of Military Campaigns Taking Place in Ancient Northeastern Japan: Military Powers of the Ritsuryō Central Government and of the Emishi People [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 163] IGARASHI, Motoyoshi 2018 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
48 Pedigree Consciousness of Clans and Emperor: Considering the Background of Tensonkōrin Mythology [The Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities ; Jimbun Gakuho 514(11)] IIDA, Isamu 2018 首都大学東京人文科学研究科 Article
49 Re-Examination of the Appearance of Pottery Used for Salt Production in the Lake Kasumigaura Region of Eastern Japan: With Special Reference to Pottery Discovered at the Kandatsudaira Site, Ibaraki Prefecture [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 163] ABE, Yoshirō / SUGA, Hiroko / KAMEI, Tsubasa 2018 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
50 Skilled Artisans in Naishoryo of the Nara Era [Studies in Japanese Cultural History 49] SAGIMORI, Hiroyuki 2018 Tezukayama University Article
51 The Festivals of Rice and Millet: Daijosai and Niname [Kokugakuin Zasshi ; The Journal of Kokugakuin University 119(12)] OKADA, Shoji 2018 Kokugakuin University Article
52 The Narrative in Nanensyo with Collation Editing by Seikyo Gondo, and Korea [Kokugakuin Zasshi ; The Journal of Kokugakuin University 119(9)] YAMASAKI, Masatoshi 2018 Kokugakuin University Article
53 Toraijin and the Exchange between Korea and Japan before Early Kofun Period [Interaction in Ancient Eastern Eurasia and Wakoku,Japan 4] TAKESUE, Jun'ichi 2018 Institute for the Development of Social IntelligenceThe Center for Historical Studies East Eurasia Article
54 Water Transportation in the Western Sea of Japan in the Ancient Period: Focusing on Wakasa and Izumo Provinces [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 271] YOSHINAGA, Takeshi 2018 Osaka Historical Association Article
55 What was the early agricultural society in KINKI ? MORIOKA, Hideto / The Paleological Association of Japan, Inc 2018 雄山閣 Book
56 Yamazaki Ansai and Kuji-Taiseikyo [Kokugakuin Zasshi ; The Journal of Kokugakuin University 119(8)] NISHIOKA, Kazuhiko 2018 Kokugakuin University Article
57 古代の銅生産(製錬と精錬)について―律令体制下の豊前国の動向― [Fukuoka Chihōshi Kenkyū 55] NAKAMURA Osami 2017 福岡地方史研究会 Article
58 四行八門制と小径 [日本歴史 835] 家原 圭太 2017 Nihon Rekishi Gakkai:Japan Historical Association Article
59 古国府遺跡群の調査成果とその意義―7世紀を中心に― [大分県地方史 230] 長 直信 2017 *** Unknown *** Article
60 速津媛伝承と別府の古墳群 [大分県地方史 231] 田中 裕介 2017 *** Unknown *** Article