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561 The Administration of Egyptian Land Survey Records in the Later Mamlūk Period: A Review of al-Tuhfa al-Sanīya [The Toyo Gakuho ; The Journal of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko 92(1)] KUMAKURA, Wakako 2010 The Toyo Bunko Article
562 The Agricultural Association's Fertilizer Project in Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Period: The Case of Taichung [The journal of Japanese colonial studies 22] HIRAI, Kensuke 2010 Colonial History Society of Japan Article
563 The Research of the Problem of Chinese Farmer-turned Workers: From the Viewpoint of Policy History [Hokkai-Gakuen University, the Journal of Economics 58(2)] SOU, Teki 2010 The Society of Economics, Hokkai-Gakuen University Article
564 The Study on "San-ju-lu" (Written by Wang Min at Tang Dynasty) Quoted from "Ju-Jia-bi-yong-shi-lei-quan-ji" [Jochi Shigaku ; Sophia Historical Studies 55] OSAWA, Masaaki 2010 The Historical Society of Sophia University Article
565 The fertilize level of the Song and Yuan ages [The Journal of Agricultural History 44] ICHIMURA, Michito 2010 The Agricultural History Society of Japan Article
566 The formation of the Chinese Eastern Railway Zone and Russian plans to colonize it before and after the Russo-Japanese War: The origin of special jurisdiction in Manchuria [Shigaku-Zasshi 119(9)] ASADA, Masafumi 2010 Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan Article
567 The interaction between inflow and traditional elements in modern SHANGHAI area [Shigaku-Kenkyu ; Review of Historical Studies 268] DAI, Angang ; ZHANG, Feng 2010 Hiroshima Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Hiroshima for Historical Studies Article
568 The transfer of "Incomplete Property Rights": A Study of the "Deed Back" of Shicang (1728-1949) [Historical Research 325] CAO, Shuji / LI, Nan / GONG, Qisheng 2010 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
569 Village cooperation and rural development in Korea, 1905-45 [Shigaku-Kenkyu ; Review of Historical Studies 268] PARK, Sub 2010 Hiroshima Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Hiroshima for Historical Studies Article
570 世界史教育と中国古代史研究―とくに鉄器と牛耕の出現をめぐって― [歴史評論 711] IIO, Hideyuki 2009 歴史科学協議会 Article
571 土地希少化と勤勉革命の比較史―経済史上の近世― 大島 真理夫【編著】 2009 ミネルヴァ書房 Book
572 農耕の起源を探る―イネの来た道― MIYAMOTO, Kazuo 2009 吉川弘文館 Book
573 中国農村社会と革命―井岡山の村落の歴史的変遷― ZHENG, Haolan 2009 Keio University Press Book
574 Chinese Revenue Farms and Borders in Southeast Asia [Modern Asian Studies 43(1)] TROCKI, Carl A. 2009 Cambridge University Press Article
575 竹と人の関わり―竹筬から見えてきたもの― [季刊民族学 129] TAGUCHI, Rie 2009 千里文化財団 Article
576 稲作漁撈文明―長江文明から弥生文化へ― YASUDA, Yoshinori 2009 雄山閣 Book
577 韓国併合史研究資料 80 (1)韓國蠶業調査復命書・(2)火田の現状 復刻版 (1)林 騨作,(2)朝鮮総督府【編著】 2009 龍溪書舎 Book
578 ユーラシア農耕史 4 さまざまな栽培植物と農耕文化 佐藤 洋一郎【監修】 ; 木村 栄美【編】 2009 臨川書店 Book
579 ユーラシア農耕史 3 砂漠・牧場の農耕と風土 佐藤 洋一郎【監修】 ; 鞍田 崇【編】 2009 臨川書店 Book
580 東アジアにおける犁耕発達史 武藤 軍一郎【著】 2009 中国書店 Book