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501 Historical Significance of Japan's Recent Implementation of the Limited Deposit Protection Scheme [Yokohama Business Review 32(1)] TAKAHASHI, Masahiko 2011 The Society for Business Administration of Yokohama National University Article
502 History of the Bond Market 公社債市場研究会【編】 2011 Japan Securities Research Institute Book
503 Japanese rotating saving and credit associations and the farmer's debt consolidation project in the 1930's: a case study of Zakoji village, Shimoina district, Nagano prefecture [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 77(3)] KOJIMA, Yohei 2011 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
504 On the Market Price of Copper Coin at Osaka and Edo in the Late Tokugawa Period [Konan Economic Papers 51(1-4) 合併号] KUSANO, Masahiro 2011 The Economic Society of Konan University Article
505 On the Securities-investment of Mitsuibussan Kaisha, 1876~1892 [The Shakaikagaku-Nenpo ; The Annual Bulletin of Social Science 45] ASAJIMA, Shoichi 2011 The Institute for Social Science, Senshu University Article
506 The Depression and Crisis of the Japanese Economy and the Yokohama Specie Bank [The Chuo-Gakuin University Review of Economics & Commerce 25(2)] KIKUCHI, Michio 2011 The Faculty of Commerce, Chuo-Gakuin University Article
507 The Financing Behavior by Small Firms, and Small-firm Loans by Banks [The Journal of Economics 77(1)] MIWA, Yoshiro 2011 The Society of Economics, the University of Tokyo Article
508 The Former Matsumoto and Yasukawa Residences: Their Architectural Value and Regional Zaibatstu Representation of Japan [KIU Journal of Economics & Business Studies 17(2)] SHIMIZU, Norikazu 2011 Kyushu International University Article
509 The Intensified Competition between City Banks and Shinkin Banks and the Relationship Banking in 1970's [Shogaku Ronsan ; The Journal of Commerce 52(5・6) 合併号] ARAI, Daisuke 2011 Chuo Daigaku Shogaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Business and Commerce in Chuo University Article
510 The Japanese Postal Savings System in 1970-85: The Miracle of the Deposit Mechanism of Japanese Postal Savings System [Journal of Postal Museum 2] ITO, Mariko 2011 日本郵政株式会社郵政資料館 Article
511 The Review of Postal Privatization [Journal of Economics ; Memoirs of the Faculty of Law and Literature, Shimane University 37] ITO, Mitsuo 2011 The Faculty of Law and Literature, Shimane University Article
512 The Shanghai Branch of Yokohama Specie Bank, 1900-1913: As Compared with the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China [Study of Economic History ; Keizaishi Kenkyu 14] SIU, Man Han 2011 Institute for Research in Economic History of Japan, Osaka University of Economics Article
513 The Study of the History of Obligations in Medieval Japan IHARA, Kesao 2011 University of Tokyo Press Book
514 The changing structure of financial market in Kyoto, 1912-1926 [Keizaikei ; Quarterly Journal of Economics 246] NATAKE, Natsuki 2011 The Society of Economics, Kanto Gakuin University Article
515 The changing structure of financial market in Kyoto, 1926-1940 [Keizaikei ; Quarterly Journal of Economics 249] NATAKE, Natsuki 2011 The Society of Economics, Kanto Gakuin University Article
516 This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly REINHART, Carmen M. , ROGOFF, Kenneth S. 2011 日経BP社 Book
517 「高橋財政」に対する新聞論調―『東京朝日新聞』社説の分析― [歴史評論 719] NAKAMURA, Muneyoshi 2010 歴史科学協議会 Article
518 天保期萩藩領室津浦修甫と茶屋五歩銀 [山口県史研究 18] SHIMOMUKAI, Norihiko 2010 山口県 Article
519 萩原・岡田報告を聞いて [歴史評論 721] ITO, Masanao 2010 歴史科学協議会 Article
520 Why Did Countries Adopt the Gold Standard? Lessons from Japan [The Journal of Economic History 70(1)] MITCHENER, Kris James / SHIZUME, Masato / WEIDENMIER, Marc D. 2010 Economic History Association (Cambridge University Press) Article