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421 明解企業史研究資料集―旧外地企業編 第2巻 朝鮮 佐々木 淳【編集・解題】 2012 クロスカルチャー出版 Book
422 銭佐両替店と住友中橋店の取引関係史料 [住友史料館報 43] 海原 亮 2012 住友史料館 Article
423 大坂貨幣司と住友 [住友史料館報 43] 安国 良一 2012 住友史料館 Article
424 The Money Doctors from Japan: Finance, Imperialism, and the Building of the Yen Bloc, 1895-1937 SCHILTZ, Michael 2012 Harvard University Asia Center, Distributed by Harvard University Press Book
425 Money on the road to empire: Japan’s adoption of gold monometallism, 1873-97 [The Economic History Review 65(3)] SCHILTZ, Michael 2012 Economic History Society (Basil Blackwell) Article
426 近代住友の事業報告制度―「会計見積書」・「実際報告書」を中心に― [住友史料館報 43] 牧 知宏 2012 住友史料館 Article
427 金融の世界史―貨幣・信用・証券の系譜― 国際銀行史研究会【編】 2012 悠書館 Book
428 Small Business Financing in Japan, from the Prewar to High-Growth Periods: An International Comparison of the Financial History of Small Businesses [The Kyoto Economic Review 81(1)] IMAJOH, Toru 2012 Office of Advanced Economic Analysis, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University Article
429 南方開発金庫調査資料(一九四二~四四年) 第3巻 金調資料(1)  (20世紀日本のアジア関係重要研究資料 第2部 [復刻版] 第4期) 早瀬 晋三【編・解説】 2012 龍渓書舎 Book
430 南方開発金庫調査資料(一九四二~四四年)第4巻 金調資料(2) (20世紀日本のアジア関係重要研究資料 第2部 [復刻版] 第4期) 早瀬 晋三【編・解説】 2012 龍渓書舎 Book
431 "Self-Insurance" by Mitsubishi Goshi Kaisha [Mitsubishi Archives Review 13] KAMIYA, Hisaaki 2012 The Mitsubishi Economic Research Institute Article
432 A Second Thought on the Ginme Haishi (Abolishment of Silver Bullion as Money) [Matsuyama Daigaku Ronshu ; Matsuyama University Review 24(4-2)] SHIKANO, Yoshiaki 2012 Matsuyama University Article
433 A Sequel to the Market Price of Copper Coin at Osaka and Edo in the Late Tokugawa Period [Konan Economic Papers 52(3・4) 合併号] KUSANO, Masahiro 2012 The Economic Society of Konan University Article
434 An Analysis of NTT Public Corporation Bond Markets in 1955-1977 [The Journal of Tokyo Keizai University 275] KAMAE, Hiroshi 2012 Tokyo Keizai Association of Economics Article
435 Asset-Liability Management of Japanese Banking Industry: Development and Implications [Contemporary Economy of Japan 182] HUANG, Jian / LI, Shi-Kai 2012 Jilin University All-China Japan's Economy Association Article
436 Changes of Japan's Saving Rate and the Implications [Contemporary Economy of Japan 183] MU, Xiao-Wei / ZHANG, Yu 2012 Jilin University All-China Japan's Economy Association Article
437 Convergence and Divergence in Human Resources Management of Investment Banks: Westernization of Japanese Investment Banks in Tokyo? [Mita Business Review 55(5)] YASHIRO, Atushi 2012 The Society of Business and Commerce, Keio University Article
438 Debt Transactions in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Japan: Investigations to Deeds, Bonds and Debentures [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 145] ARAKI, Jiro 2012 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
439 Exchange Business of Mitsui as the Protégé (Part. 3): Lost records and other merchants [Mitsui Bunko Ronso ; The Journal of Mitsui Research Institute for Social and Economic History 46] MURA, Kazuaki 2012 Mitsui Research Institute for Social and Economic History Article
440 Financial Statements of Dai-ichi National Bank and Eiichi Shibusawa [Sapporo Gakuin University, review of business administration 4] WATANABE, Kazuo 2012 Research Institute of Sapporo Gakuin University Article