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401 中国占領地の社会調査 Ⅱ‐10 農村社会1 (戦前・戦中期アジア研究資料 7) 貴志 俊彦,井村 哲郎,加藤 聖文,富澤 芳亜,弁納 才一【監修】 ; 近現代資料刊行会【企画編集】 2013 近現代資料刊行会 Book
402 中国占領地の社会調査 Ⅱ‐18 農村社会9 (戦前・戦中期アジア研究資料 7) 貴志 俊彦,井村 哲郎,加藤 聖文,富澤 芳亜,弁納 才一【監修】 ; 近現代資料刊行会【企画編集】 2013 近現代資料刊行会 Book
403 中国占領地の社会調査 Ⅱ‐17 農村社会8 (戦前・戦中期アジア研究資料 7) 貴志 俊彦,井村 哲郎,加藤 聖文,富澤 芳亜,弁納 才一【監修】 ; 近現代資料刊行会【企画編集】 2013 近現代資料刊行会 Book
404 王清穆『農隠廬日記』 (2) [近代中国研究彙報 35] 王清穆研究会【編注】 2013 *** Unknown *** Article
405 萌動、遞嬗與突破:中華民囯漁權發展史(1912-1982) 陳 冠任【著】 2013 國立政治大學歷史學系 Book
406 Acquisition of Private Lands by the Gentries without Stipend in the Early modern Ryukyu [Journal of regional promotion 18] TAMAKI, Takeshi 2013 Nara Prefectural University Article
407 Agricultural Economy and the Grand Canal in Hebei during the Ming Dynasty [The Toyoshi-Kenkyu ; The Journal of Oriental Researches 71(4)] TAGUCHI, Kojiro 2013 The Toyoshi-Kenkyu-Kai ; The Society of Oriental Researches Article
408 Agricultural and Forest Resource Development of the Japanese Imperial Sphere: “Resourcing” and the Total War System in Eastern Asia (A History of Agriculture-Forest Resource Development, Vol.2) NODA, Kimio 2013 Kyoto University Press Book
409 Centralization and Decentralization: The Evolution of Rural Basic Level Regime in the Suburb of Beijing in the Early 1960s [Cheng Kung Journal of Historical Studies 45] CHEN, Yao-Huang 2013 Department of History, National Cheng Kung University Article
410 Change in the Prices of Agricultural Products and Its Impacts on the Agricultural Production during Manchukuo-era [The Journal of Tokyo Keizai University 279] QUAN, Zhenan 2013 Tokyo Keizai Association of Economics Article
411 Cold-resistant paddy cultivation and the spread of improved rice varieties in modern Northeast Asia: another "Green Revolution" [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 79(2)] LI, Haixun 2013 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
412 Cultural Transmission: Japanese Paper in Chosŏn Korea [Komonjo Kenkyu ; The Japanese Journal of Diplomatics 76] SŎN, Sŭnghye 2013 The Nippon Komonjo Gakkai ; Society for the Study of Diplomatics in Japan Article
413 Development of the Rural Cotton Textile Industry in China since the Ming Dynasty: Under the Perspectives of Proto-industrialization [Osaka Economic Papers 63(1)] ZHUANG, Hongjuan 2013 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
414 Discovery of North China HONJYO, Hisako / UCHIYAMA, Masao / KUBO, Toru 2013 TOYO BUNKO Tokyo Book
415 Land Reform in Fujian during the 1950s and Corporate Lands [The Toyoshi-Kenkyu ; The Journal of Oriental Researches 72(2)] MIKI, Satoshi 2013 The Toyoshi-Kenkyu-Kai ; The Society of Oriental Researches Article
416 Land and Public Health: The Socio-Economic Projects in American Colonial Philippines [Economic Studies 62(3)] CHIBA, Yoshihiro 2013 Hokkaido University Article
417 Modernizing China: Its Land, Food, and Environment MOTOKI, Yasushi 2013 Kaiseisha Press Book
418 New Research on the Distribution of Rural Land in North China: An Analysis of Shanxi, Heibei and Shandong Provinces [Historical Research 344] HU, Yingze 2013 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
419 Policies and Changes in the Promotion of Agriculture in the Former Han Dynasty [Senshu-Shigaku ; Journal of the Historical Association of Senshu University 55] ZEN, Tomoyuki 2013 Historical Association of Senshu University Article
420 Post WWII Sino-Japanese relations involving the fishing industries: Centering upon the first civilian fishers agreement between China and Japan [Japanese Journal of Fisheries Economics 57(1)] CHEN, Ji 2013 Japanese Society of Fisheries Economics Article