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381 On the so-called "Smith Motor" [Journal of Economics 112(1)] SAKAGAMI, Shigeki 2011 The Economic Society of Osaka City University Article
382 Patients' Autonomy in Pre-War Hansen's Disease Sanatoria: The Case of the 1936 Nagashima Incident [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 229] MATSUOKA, Hiroyuki 2011 Osaka Historical Association Article
383 Similarities and differences of the castle's gate in East Asia since 16th century: mainly Japan and China [The Senriyama Bungaku Ronshu 86] ZHANG, Liyu 2011 The Graduate School of Kansai University Article
384 Technology and Ideology of Saghalien Central Experiment Station: Imperial Science in Colonial Development of Karafuto during 1930s [The Journal of Agricultural History 45] NAKAYAMA, Taisyo 2011 The Agricultural History Society of Japan Article
385 The Age of Techno-Public [The Social Sciences 91] HONDA, Kojiro 2011 Institute for the Study of Humanities & Social Science, Doshisha University Article
386 The Changing Patterns of Japanese Technological Innovation and the Implications [Contemporary Economy of Japan 180] XUE, Chun-zhi 2011 Jilin University All-China Japan's Economy Association Article
387 The Former Matsumoto and Yasukawa Residences: Their Architectural Value and Regional Zaibatstu Representation of Japan [KIU Journal of Economics & Business Studies 17(2)] SHIMIZU, Norikazu 2011 Kyushu International University Article
388 The Great Earthquake in Eastern Japan and Studies on the History of Pre-Modern Japan [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 884] YATA, Toshifumi 2011 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
389 The Manhattan Project at Present [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 884] HIRATA, Kohji 2011 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
390 The Osaka Technical College between the Wars [Osaka Economic Papers 60(4)] SAWAI, Minoru 2011 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
391 The Technology Development and the Creation of Optimum Market of Japanese Firms during War and Revival Period: A Case of the Industrialization of Vinylon of Kuraray [Japan Business History Review 45(4)] HIRANO, Kyohei 2011 Business History Society of Japan Article
392 The Establishment of the State-Owned Yawata Steel Works (2) : The Integrated Steel Works That Promoted Japan's Industrialisation When the Country Entered the Modern Industrial World as a Latecomer [KIU Journal of Economics & Business Studies 16(3)] SHIMIZU, Norikazu 2010 Kyushu International University Article
393 繊維産業と産業遺産 [Monthly Report of Japan Spinners' Association 700] 平井 東幸 2010 Japan Spinners' Association Article
394 川原寺の瓦当笵の移動と造営寺院 [国史談話会雑誌 50] OGASAWARA, Yoshihiko 2010 東北大学国史談話会 Article
395 「織部好み」を焼いた筑前藩窯―桃山茶陶と内ヶ磯古窯― [西日本文化 444] 小山 亘 2010 西日本文化協会 Article
396 National Leadership and Competing Technological Paradigms: The Globalization of Cotton Spinning,1878-1933 [The Journal of Economic History 70(3)] SAXONHOUSE, Gary R. / WRIGHT, Gavin 2010 Economic History Association (Cambridge University Press) Article
397 こと典百科叢書 第6巻 日本火術考 西沢 勇志智【著】 2010 大空社 Book
398 こと典百科叢書 第5巻 造瓦 島田 貞彦【著】 2010 大空社 Book
399 こと典百科叢書 第3巻 模範日本箪笥の意匠と其製作の仕上法 松本 朝之助【著】 2010 大空社 Book
400 こと典百科叢書 第2巻 通俗文具発達史 野口 茂樹【著】 2010 大空社 Book