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21 The Ruling of Yamato Sovereignty in Eastern Provinces [Rekishi hyōron 786] MORITA, Kikuo 2016 Rekishikagaku Kyogikai ; Association of Historical Science Article
22 Transformation of the Structure of the Hides Circulation and the Merchants Who Treat Hides in the End of 18th Century [Buraku Mondai Kenkyu ; The Bulletin of Buraku Problem 217] TAKAGAKI, Aya 2016 The Institute of Buraku Problem ; Buraku-Mondai Kenkyusho Article
23 江戸周辺の地域編成と御三卿鷹場 [日本歴史 807] YAMAZAKI, Hisato 2015 Nihon Rekishi Gakkai:Japan Historical Association Article
24 馬と人の江戸時代 兼平 賢治【著】 2015 吉川弘文館 Book
25 日本人と馬―埒を越える十二の対話― 東京農業大学「食と農」の博物館,東京農業大学学術情報課程【編】 2015 Tokyo University of Agriculture Press Book
26 沖縄の人とブタ―産業社会における人と動物の民族誌― 比嘉 理麻【著】 2015 京都大学学術出版会 Book
27 明治20年の斃牛馬引受会社設立について [リベラシオン : 人権研究ふくおか 160] SEKI, Yoshihisa 2015 *** Unknown *** Article
28 わが国の狩猟法制―殺生禁断と乱場― OYANAGI, Taiji 2015 青林書院 Book
29 研究動向 近現代日本の農業・農村史 [農業と経済 81(9)] IWASHIMA, Fumi 2015 *** Unknown *** Article
30 江戸日本の転換点―水田の激増は何をもたらしたか―(NHKブックス 1230) TAKEI, Koichi 2015 NHK出版 Book
31 An Analysis of the "Research Report in Sheep in North China" Compiled by the North China Department of the East Asia Development Board [Shigaku ; The Historical Science 85(1-3) 合併号] YOSHIDA, Tateichiro 2015 Mita-Shigaku-Kai ; The Mita Historical Society Article
32 An investigation of the Hokkaido Dairy Industry in relation to Japanese Industrial Competitiveness: focussing on the history of Machimura Farm [Hokkai-Gakuen University, the Journal of Economics 62(4)] TSUTSUMI, Etsuko 2015 The Society of Economics, Hokkai-Gakuen University Article
33 History of stock Raising in Modern Japan from the Viewpoint of Domestic Animal Deposition Custom: Domestic Animal Possession as a Life Security Function and Transformation into an Idea of Stock Raising [The Journal of Agricultural History 49] ITAGAKI, Takashi 2015 The Agricultural History Society of Japan Article
34 The Development of Dairy Farming and the Problems of Dairy Policy in Japan [Oikonomika 52(1)] KOBAYASHI, Shinichi 2015 The Society of Economics, Nagoya City University Article
35 The Policy for Military Horses and the Farming Managements in Wartime: The Requisition and Replenishment of Farming Horses in Kanto Region, during the Sino-Japanese War [The Journal of Agricultural History 49] OTAKI, Masatoshi 2015 The Agricultural History Society of Japan Article
36 The Role of Cattle and Beef Imports from Korea and Quingdao in the Expansion of the Japanese Empire [The Journal of Agricultural History 49] MARIKO, Noma 2015 The Agricultural History Society of Japan Article
37 Farm Management and Horse Rearing in Prewar Japan: The Case of Urahoro, Hokkaido [Bulletin of Daito Bunka University 52] SHINODA, Takashi 2014 Daito Bunka University Article
38 Horse Improvement and "The Golden Age of Livestoch Hybridization" in Modern Japan: Horse Administration/Livestock Industry(1896-1935) [The Ritsumeikan Economic Review 63(1)] OKAZAKI, Shigeki 2014 The Ritsumaikan University Economic Society Article
39 奈良時代の牧と馬の貢上―天平勝宝六年吉野百嶋解について― [奈良学研究 15] 鷺森 浩幸 2013 帝塚山大学奈良学総合文化研究所 Article
40 牛と農村の近代史―家畜預託慣行の研究― ITAGAKI, Takashi 2013 Shibunkaku Shuppan Book