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21 Science and the Japanese Empire during the Asia Pacific War [Rekishi hyōron 832] KATO, Shigeo 2019 Rekishikagaku Kyogikai ; Association of Historical Science Article
22 Studies on the History of Telecommunication in Modern Japan [Journal of Postal Museum Japan 10] KITAHARA, Satoshi 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
23 The Atomic Bomb Project and Japanese Physicists’ Experience in Wartime Research [Rekishi hyōron 832] KONAGAYA, Daisuke 2019 Rekishikagaku Kyogikai ; Association of Historical Science Article
24 The Detention of Japanese Geological Engineers in Manchu after World War Ⅱ [Shimonoseki City University Review 63(2)] IITSUKA, Yasushi 2019 The Shimonoseki City University Association for Intellectual Studies Article
25 The Establishment of the Agricultural Experiment Station System in Modern Japan : On the Seed Breeding Business [Acta Humanistica et Scientifica Universitatis Sangio Kyotiensis. Social Science Series 36] NAMIMATSU, Nobuhisa 2019 Kyoto Sangyo University Article
26 The Tradition of Herbology in China and Japan and Modern European science [Studies in the humanities and social sciences 6] LI, Liang 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
27 The Wartime Expansion of Research Support Systems [Rekishi hyōron 832] MIZUSAWA, Hikari 2019 Rekishikagaku Kyogikai ; Association of Historical Science Article
28 The evolution of the Japanese oil refining industry during the interwar period [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 85(1)] NAITO, Takao 2019 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
29 The iron scale-weights and the spread of "Monme" measurement: from the Ancient Age and the Middle Age sites of Kanagawa prefecture [Tokai Shigaku 53] HAYAMA, Shigehide 2019 The Historical Association of Tokai University Article
30 Transfer of Aviation technology from Germany to Japan during the World War Ⅱ Era [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 165] NISHIO, Takashi 2019 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
31 Try to Using the Telecommunications collection of Postal Museum Japan: The 150th Anniversary Exhibition of Change the Name of Meiji Era: THE STEAMPUNK [Journal of Postal Museum Japan 10] IMURA, Emi 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
32 琉球国成立前夜の考古学 SHINZATO, Akito 2018 同成社 Book
33 呉海軍工廠の形成 CHIDA, Takeshi 2018 錦正社 Book
34 播磨国河合廃寺造営小考 [帝塚山大学考古学研究所研究報告 20] 井内 潔 2018 *** Unknown *** Article
35 現代に生きる大蔵永常―農書にみる実践哲学― 三好 信浩【著】 2018 農山漁村文化協会 Book
36 醤油 (ものと人間の文化史 180) 吉田 元【著】 2018 法政大学出版局 Book
37 戦国大名の土木事業―中世日本の「インフラ」整備― 鹿毛 敏夫【編】 2018 EBISU-KOSYO PUBLICATION Book
38 日本の砂糖近世史―土を使って白くする!製造の秘法を求めて― ARAO, Miyo 2018 八坂書房 Book
39 石器の生産・消費からみた弥生社会 MORI, Takanori 2018 九州大学出版会 Book
40 モノと技術の古代史 木器編 UNO, Takao 2018 吉川弘文館 Book