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361 The Change of Modern China as seen by the Village Society [Study of Economic History ; Keizaishi Kenkyu 17] UCHIYAMA, Masao 2014 Institute for Research in Economic History of Japan, Osaka University of Economics Article
362 The Development of Rural Economy in the Shijiazhuang District of the Hebei Province [史滴 36] BENNO, Saiichi 2014 *** Unknown *** Article
363 The Disorganization of a People’s Commune, the Inevitability of the Production Responsibility System, and the Seeds of Corruption [Seikei Kenkyu ; Studies in Political Science and Economics 51(2)] YANABA, Yasuyuki 2014 Nihon University Article
364 The Roof Tiles from the Xicetian Site in Datong and Their Workshop of the Northern Weis Capital Pingcheng [Journal of historical stud ies 16] MUKAI, Yusuke 2014 洛北史学会 Article
365 The Situation of Paddy Field Cultivation in China as Seen From a Soil Fertility Perspective: Focusing on the Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing Period [The Toho Gakuho ; Journal of Oriental Studies 89] ICHIMURA, Michito 2014 Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University Article
366 The Struggle for Reign in the Mekong Delta: The Local Order and "Refuge" of People in Local Community (1976-1988) [Southeast Asian Studies 51(2)] SHIMOJO, Hisashi 2014 Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University Article
367 The Study of the Monopoly System of Tea by Water-powered Mills (Shui Mo Cha Fa) in the Northern Song Dynasty [Cheng Kung Journal of Historical Studies 47] NIEN, Chen-ho 2014 Department of History, National Cheng Kung University Article
368 The Turning Point of Industrial Policies in Japanese Colonial Taiwan; A Rough Description of " the Extra Research Committees for Taiwanese Industry" [The Nagoya Gakuin Daigaku Ronshu ; Journal of Nagoya Gakuin University 51(1)] KAWARABAYASHI, Naoto 2014 University Research Institute, Nagoya Gakuin University Article
369 The land reform of new China (1949-1956) [The Senriyama Keizaigaku ; The Economic Review of the Faculty of the Graduate Course Division of Economics, Kansai University 46(1)] CAI, Feng 2014 The Conference for Students on Graduate Division of Economics, Kansai University Article
370 To Enrich the Image of Agricultural History in the 20th Century: In Response to Criticism from TAMA Shinnosuke [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 923] NODA, Kimio 2014 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
371 Transitional Process of Distribution System during Naqada Culture: A View from Mudstone Artifacts [Shikan ; The Historical Review 171] TAKENOUCHI, Keita 2014 The Historical Society of Waseda University Article
372 中国における日系煙草産業 1905‐1945 SHIBATA, Yoshimasa 2013 水曜社 Book
373 The Making and Unmaking of Assam-Bengal Borders and the Sylhet Referendum [Modern Asian Studies 47(1)] HOSSAIN, Ashfaque 2013 Cambridge University Press Article
374 Real Estate Prices in Beijing, 1644 to 1840 [Explorations in Economic History 50(3)] RAFF, Daniel / WATCHTER, Susan / SE, Yan 2013 Graduate Program in Economic History (Kent State University Press) Article
375 Railway fuel and its impact on the forests in colonial India: The case of the Punjab, 1860-1884 [Modern Asian Studies 47(4)] DAS, Pallavi V. 2013 Cambridge University Press Article
376 唐初村落制度の「新史料」―西安碑林博物館蔵「荔非明達等四面造像題名」の再検討― [明大アジア史論集 17] ISHINO, Tomohiro 2013 Meiji University journal of Asian history Article
377 The Sugar Plantation in India and Indonesia: Industrial Production, 1770-2010 BOSMA, Ulbe 2013 Cambridge University Press Book
378 朝鮮半島の火田民 TOKUI, Masaru 2013 文芸社 Book
379 中国の水土流失―史的展開と現代中国における転換点―  (現代中国地域研究叢書5) MATSUNAGA, Kohei 2013 勁草書房 Book
380 満洲の農業試験研究史 YAMAMOTO, Haruhiko 2013 農林統計出版 Book