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361 Financing Japan's World War II Occupation of Southesat Asia [The Journal of Economic History 73(4)] HUFF, Gregg / MAJIMA, Shinobu 2013 Economic History Association (Cambridge University Press) Article
362 戦前期三井物産の投資と金融 麻島 昭一【著】 2013 専修大学出版局 Book
363 文政後期住友中橋店の「館入」関係 [住友史料館報 44] 海原 亮 2013 住友史料館 Article
364 両大戦間期における地方資産家の事業活動の変化―北海道函館市小熊幸一郎『日記』の分析― [Chiho Kinyushi Kenkyu 44] 白鳥 圭志 2013 Chiho Kinyushi Kenkyukai Article
365 金融今昔(24) [Monthly Kinyu Journal 54(3)] 井原 今朝男 2013 金融ジャーナル社 Article
366 中央銀行制度の経済学―新制度経済学からのアプローチ― 折谷 吉治【著】 2013 学術出版会 Book
367 Bank Crisis and Collapse of Markets (1) : Bankruptcy of the Masuda Bill Broker Bank [St.Andrew's University Economic and Business Review 55(1・2)] MOCHIZUKI, Kazuhiko 2013 The Research Institute, St.Andrew's University Article
368 Credit Business of an Agricultural Cooperative in Modern Japan: The Case of the Takedate Cooperative [Japan Business History Review 48(1)] SHIRAI, Izumi 2013 Business History Society of Japan Article
369 Dajokan-satsu, Government Treasury and the Shoho-ji [Keizaigaku-Ronso ; The Doshisha University Economic Review 65(1)] SHIKANO, Yoshiaki 2013 The Doshisha Daigaku Keizaigaku-kai ; The Doshisha Economic Association Article
370 Documents of the Propertied Class before the World War 2 in Nagasaki Prefecture [The Hiroshima Economic Review 36(3)] KURASHIMA, Shuji / SAKANE, Yoshihiro 2013 The Economics Society of Hiroshima University Article
371 Economics of "Three Good" [The Yamaguchi-Keizaigaku Zasshi ; Yamaguchi Journal of Economics, Business Administrations & Laws 61(4・5) 合併号] UMADA, Tetsuji 2013 The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University Article
372 Farmer's Debt in 1930s Japan [The Economic Review 64(1)] ARIMOTO, Yutaka / FUJIE, Takeshi / SENDA, Tetsuji 2013 Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University Article
373 Financial functions of Edo express messenger's Hikyaku Kyouya and Shimaya: Analysis of book and notes [Journal of Communications Museum 4] MAKISHIMA, Takashi 2013 通信文化協会郵政資料部 Article
374 Financial institution in Onomichi in 19th century: In the Case of Shosina Kaisho [Shigaku-Kenkyu ; Review of Historical Studies 281] SHIMOMUKAI, Norihiko 2013 Hiroshima Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Hiroshima for Historical Studies Article
375 Formation Process of the Thought of Investor Protection between 1880s and 1920s: Focusing on Reform of Stock Exchange and Stock Market [Rikkyo Keizaigaku Ronso ; St.Paul's Economic Journal 78] SUZUKI, Kazuya 2013 Economic Student's Society, St.Paul's University Article
376 Globalization in the Financial Sector and Reforms of Financial Regulatory Systems in the International Financial Market [Matsumoto-Daigaku-Kenkyu-Kiyou ; The Journal of Matsumoto University 11] ITOI, Shigeo 2013 Matsumoto University Article
377 Japan's trade and international financial policies after the Great Dpression: the collapse of the international economic system and Japanese-style capitalism [The Business Review 64(1)] YASUI, Kunio 2013 The Society of Business Research, Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University Article
378 Japanese Economy after the World War Ⅱ 八代 尚宏【著】 2013 有斐閣 Book
379 Listing Requirement in Pre War II Japan [Rikkyo Keizaigaku Ronso ; St.Paul's Economic Journal 77] SUZUKI, Kazuya 2013 Economic Student's Society, St.Paul's University Article
380 Medieval Japanese Promissory Notes: Regarding the Saifu of the Niimi-no-sho Estate [The Shirin ; The Journal of History 96(5)] SATO, Yasuhiro 2013 The Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Historical Research, Kyoto University Article