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321 A Visit to Ennin's Pilgrimage (6) Shanxi (Wutaishan: Xinzhou: Taiyuan) [Tochigi-Shigaku ; The Tochigi Journal of Japanese History 26] KAWANO, Yasuhiro 2012 Kokugakuin Daigaku Tochigi Tankidaigaku Article
322 A study of the Banquets held for foreign envoy in Ancient Japan [Kokushigaku ; The Journal of Japanese History 208] HAMADA, Kumiko 2012 Kokushi-Gakkai ; The Society of Japanese Historical Research Article
323 A study of the Ryobo-Rekimyo listed in Engi-Syoryoryo-Shiki [Shikan ; The Historical Review 166] INABA, Yoko 2012 The Historical Society of Waseda University Article
324 A study on attendance of Fushuu at Ganjitsu Chouhai: From a dialogue on February 17th, 840, contained in "Hossou ruirin" [Hosei Shiron 39] NAGATA, Hajime 2012 Japanese Historical Society in Graduate School of Hosei University Article
325 A study on the damage of the 869 Mutsu Massive Earthquake and Tsunami and the recovery from it: From the analysis of "Nihon Sandai Jitsuroku" [Rekishi ; Tohoku Historical Journal 119] YANAGISAWA, Kazuaki 2012 Tohoku Shigakukai ; Tohoku Historical Society Article
326 An Introduction to a Theory on the Compilation of the Nihon shoki [The Shirin ; The Journal of History 95(5)] SASAKAWA, Naoki 2012 The Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Historical Research, Kyoto University Article
327 Ancient Heritages on Early Topographic Maps in Eastern Japan: Traffic routes on Land and Sea, Jori plants, and Historic sites in Ritsuryo Period SHIMAKAWA, Kouichi ; TATEISHI, Tomoo ; KINDA, Akihiro / KINOSHITA, Ryo / IMURA, Hironobu / OCHIAI, Yasuhiro 2012 Heibonsha Book
328 Assemblage of Coin Types Found at Warabidaira Site [Aichi Kenshi kenkyu:Bulletin of the history of Aichi 16] SUZUKI, Masataka 2012 愛知県総務部県史編さん室 Article
329 Building the Fujiwara Capital: An Archaeological Analysis Reconstructing the City Plan [The Shirin ; The Journal of History 95(1)] FUKASAWA, Yoshiki 2012 The Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Historical Research, Kyoto University Article
330 Changes of Pottery Traditions in Northern Tohoku District during the Parallel Time to the Kofun Period [Tokai Shigaku 46] MATSUMOTO, Takehaya 2012 The Historical Association of Tokai University Article
331 Clan Development of the Oomiwa-Uji family from the Fifth century to the eighth century [The Annals of Human and Social Sciences, Faculty of Economics, Shiga University 19] SUZUKI, Masanobu 2012 Faculty of Economics, Shiga University Article
332 Cultic Association on Inscribed (chishiki) Tiles of the Earthen Stupa (dotō) of the Temple Ōnodera [Journal of the Graduate School, Kokugakuin University. Graduate School of Letters 43] MIZOGUCHI, Yūki 2012 Kokugakuin University Article
333 Douji's resignation of Risshi and the background [Komazawa Shigaku ; Journal of Historical Studies 79] MATSUMOTO, Nobumichi 2012 Komazawa Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan, the Historical Department of Komazawa University Article
334 Editing of "the Chronicle of Japan" and the Legend of the Ohtomos [Journal of Japanese History ; Nihonshi Kenkyu 600] SASAKAWA, Naoki 2012 The Japanese Society for Historical Studies ; Nihonshi Kenkyukai Article
335 Flood During the Ninna Era Viewed from Excavation Researches [Bulletin of the Nagano Prefectural Museum of History 18] HARA, Akiyoshi 2012 The Nagano Prefectural Museum of History Article
336 High Treason in Ancient Japan [Nihon Hogaku ; Journal of Law 78(1)] ARAI, Tsutomu 2012 Nihon University Article
337 Historical Records of Shinano Province, History of Nagano Prefecture and Ancient History of Shinano Province [Bulletin of the Nagano Prefectural Museum of History 18] FUKUSHIMA, Masaki 2012 The Nagano Prefectural Museum of History Article
338 Internal and External Roads of the Dazaifu Area: an Ancient Transportation Network and its Changes [Historical Review of Transport and Communications 79] OGANO, Akira 2012 The Japanese Society of the History of Transport and Communications Article
339 Japanese Envoys to Tang Dynasty China and ‘Tojin’ Coming to Japan: With a Special Reference to Huangfu-Dong-chao [東アジア世界史研究センター年報 6] YANO, Kenichi 2012 Ancient East Asia and Students Abroad in Global Perspective The Center For Historical Studies-East A Article
340 Longitudinal Distribution Pattern of Hummocks of Kannongawa Debris Avalanche Deposits, Nasu Volcanic Group, Japan, As an Example of "Valley-filling" Debris Avalanches Due to the Inland Volcanic Sector-collapse [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 146] YOSHIDA, Hidetsugu 2012 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article