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281 Land and the State in Africa: The Evolution of Land Policies TAKEUCHI, Shinichi 2015 Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO Book
282 Land tax reform in Tuscany during the reign of Peter Leopold [Shigaku-Zasshi 124(6)] ONISHI, Katsunori 2015 Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan Article
283 Leaf Tobacco Cultivation Areas in Modern Manchuria and their Agricultural Management [The Journal of Historical Association of Hokkaido University 55] CAO, Jianping 2015 Historical Association of Hokkaido University Article
284 Modern Economic Geography of China Vol. 7 Modern Economic Geography of North China and Mongolian Plateau FAN, Rusen 2015 华东师范大学出版社 Book
285 PL 480 and US food aid to India in the 1960s [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 81(3)] AKITA,Shigeru 2015 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
286 Pork: A Global History ROGERS, Katharine M. ; ITO, Aya 2015 Hara Shobo Book
287 Rent Resistances by Tenant Farmers and the New Military Government of Suzhou in 1911-12 [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 933] WASHIO, Hiroyuki 2015 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
288 Research Summary on the Rich Class in Song Dynasty [Trends of Recent Researches on the History of China 412] KANG, Wugang 2015 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
289 Research on the Shangmashi Shell Midden Site on the Liaodong Peninsula, China MIYAMOTO, Kazuo 2015 九州大学出版会 Book
290 Rice: A Global History MARTON, Renee ; RYU, Kazuko 2015 Hara Shobo Book
291 River Improvement Projects and the 'Publicness' in Colonial Korean: a case of Mangyeongang, Jeollabuk-do [The journal of Japanese colonial studies 27] MATSUMOTO, Tekenori 2015 Colonial History Society of Japan Article
292 Rural Economy of Yutian Country 7Villages in the East Hebei Province [Kanazawa University Economic Review 35(2)] BENNOU, Saiichi 2015 Faculty of Economics and Management, Kanazawa University Article
293 Salt Administration Reforms in Yunnan during the Early Years of the Republic of China [The Toyo Gakuho ; The Journal of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko 97(2)] NAKAGAWA, Daisuke 2015 The Toyo Bunko Article
294 The "Tax Field": A Historical Study of Land Tax Measures during the Qin and Han Dynasties [Historical Research 355] ZANG, Zhifei 2015 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
295 The Actual Conditions of the Landowner-Tenant Relationship in Villages of Ba County during the Qing Era: Kangzu, Pianzu, and the Zhu-Ke Relationship [The Toyoshi-Kenkyu ; The Journal of Oriental Researches 74(3)] LING, Peng 2015 The Toyoshi-Kenkyu-Kai ; The Society of Oriental Researches Article
296 The Economic Development and Urbanization of Villages on the Outskirts of Beijing in the Republic of China [Study of Economic History ; Keizaishi Kenkyu 18] BENNOU, Saiichi 2015 Institute for Research in Economic History of Japan, Osaka University of Economics Article
297 The Expansion of the Chinese World into Yunnan by Han Migration: Their Strategies as Seen in the Cultivation of Pu'er Tea and the Opening of Mines NISHIKAWA, Kazutaka 2015 慶友社 Book
298 The Exploitation of the Tai-jiang Reclaimed Land and the Government-Business Interest Structure of Taiwan Prefecture in the Nineteenth Century [Historical inquiry 55] TSENG, Pin-tsang 2015 National Taiwan University Press Article
299 The Land Documents in Qingshuijiang Area Compared with the Huizhou Documents [Journal of Chinese Historical Studies 147] LUAN, Chengxian 2015 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
300 The Nationalist Government's "Fostering Peasant Proprietors" [Historical Research 355] HUANG, Zhenglin 2015 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article