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181 Engineers and scholars on the occation of accidents of coal mining in Japan [Kyusyu Keizaigakkai Nenpo ; The Annual Report of Economic Science 53] NISHIO, Noriko 2015 Kyusyu Association of Economic Science Article
182 Engineers' Careers and Their Statistical Observations in the Early Modern Japan [The Social Sciences 44(4)] UEMURA, Shoji 2015 Institute for the Study of Humanities & Social Science, Doshisha University Article
183 Industrialization and Modern Tecnology of Sake Industry(1945-1974) [Fukuoka University Review of Commercial Sciences 59(4)] NINOMIYA, Mari 2015 Central Research Institute, Fukuoka University Article
184 On Tsutsui Momohei: The first permanent director of the Naha Weather Station [Bulletin of the Historiographical Institute 38] NAKACHI, Akira / ONO, Masako 2015 Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education Article
185 On the Potential Uses of Sources Created by Bernard Bettelheim from the Viewpoint of East Asian Medical History III: Leprosy and venereal disease [Bulletin of the Historiographical Institute 38] HOKARI, Hiroyuki 2015 Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education Article
186 The Development of Japanese Science and Technology in the Post-war Era: The Trajectory and Characteristics [Japanese Studies 149] FENG, Zhaokui 2015 Institute of Japanese Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ; Chinese Association for Japanese Article
187 The First Principal of Tokyo University, Henry Dyer and Meiji Japan [The Soka Economic Studies 44(1-4) 合併号] KITA, Masami 2015 The Soka University Economic Association Article
188 The structure of Nochi-no-Asuka-Okamoto Palace and The establishment of Asuka-Kiyomihara Palace [Historia ; Journal of Osaka Historical Association 249] SHIGEMI, Yasushi 2015 Osaka Historical Association Article
189 Things (Ji) and Principles (Ri) of Kumagusu Minakata and His Method of Regurgitation [The Bunka-Shigaku ; Studies in the Cultural History 71] ODA, Tatsuya 2015 Bunkashi Gakkai Article
190 Toward a Reconstruction of Mobility Pattern at the Beginning of the Late Paleolithic Period, Japan from the Standpoint of Axe Production [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 154] AKABOSHI, Jumpei 2015 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
191 Transmission route of the picture scroll of kikugenpou betsuden ichimaki・hihachiji and the facsimile [Bulletin of Niigata Sangyo University, Faculty of Economics 45] HORIGUCHI, Shunji / SHIMOTOMAI, Tetsuaki 2015 Institute for East Asian Economy and Cultural Research, Niigata Sangyo University Article
192 Uses of Japanese Raw Silk in the U.S and Europe in Connection with Warp of Silk Fabrics [The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration journal, Kyoto Gakuen University 1] OHNO, Akira 2015 *** Unknown *** Article
193 Weather Observation at Empire of Japan: The army weather part YAMAMOTO, Haruhiko 2015 農林統計出版 Book
194 近代石炭産業における事故の発生と技術者―炭塵爆発の防止をめぐって― [エネルギー史研究 29] 西尾 典子 2014 *** Unknown *** Article
195 幕府石垣普請における「穴太頭」と「石方棟梁」 [日本歴史 795] 杉江 進 2014 Nihon Rekishi Gakkai:Japan Historical Association Article
196 中津居館跡発掘調査について [山口県地方史研究 112] 神崎 前 2014 *** Unknown *** Article
197 金属の中世―資源と流通― (考古学と中世史研究 11) ONO, Masatoshi / GOMI, Fumihiko / HAGIWARA, Mitsuo 2014 高志書院 Book
198 近世産業技術の伝播と普及(上)―豊後岡藩における養蚕・製糸業を中心に― [大分県地方史 222] TOYOTA, Kanzo 2014 *** Unknown *** Article
199 Crisis and change in the system of innovation: The Japanese pharmaceutical industry during the Lost Decades, 1990–2010 [Business History 56(5)] UMEMURA, Maki 2014 Routledge Article
200 Comparison of Social Evolution in Different Times and Places between Scotland in the West and Japan in the East [Soka Keiei Ronshu ; The Review of Business Administration 38(2・3) 合併号] KITA, Masami 2014 The Business Administration Society, Soka University Article