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1 「お金」の今昔物語 [The Keizai Seminar 710] SHIZUME, Masato 2019 日本評論社 Article
2 欧州統合史―二つの世界大戦からブレグジットまで― 益田 実,山本 健【編著】 2019 ミネルヴァ書房 Book
3 アメリカの「格差社会の震源」コネチカットを歩く―ある工業都市が収奪され、貧困都市に転落した構図を読む― [Thought 1138] 矢作 弘 2019 Iwanami Shoten Article
4 ユダヤ商人と貨幣・金融の世界史 宮崎 正勝【著】 2019 原書房 Book
5 大恐慌期の米国金融政策 NISHIDO, Takayoshi 2019 白桃書房 Book
6 戦後国際金融の歴史的諸相―帰結としての世界金融危機― 入江 恭平【著】 2019 日本経済評論社 Book
7 Interpretive Control over Investment Treaties and the "Objective" International Legal Personality of Investors (5) [Hogakuronso ; Kyoto Law Review 185(5)] NISUGI, Kento 2019 The Kyoto University Law Association Article
8 'Foreign Exchange Clause and the Sterling Crisis of 1931' Revisited [The University of Tsukuba Economic Review 71] TAKAHASHI, Hidenao 2019 The Department of Economics, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba Article
9 A Structure of the Financial Market in Rwanda [The Meijo Review 20(1)] TAKAYAMA, Akio 2019 The Society of Economics and Business Management, Meijo University Article
10 A Structure of the Financial Market in Uganda [The Meijo Review 20(2)] TAKAYAMA, Akio 2019 The Society of Economics and Business Management, Meijo University Article
11 A Study of Thoughts on National bankruptcy and Monetary bankruptcy in Sir James Steuart's Works [Kochi University Review of Social Science 116] KINOKUNI, Masanori 2019 The Economic Society of Kochi University Article
12 A Study on the National bankruptcy: Monetary bankruptcy and International bankruptcy in the History of Mankind [Kochi University Review of Social Science 117] KINOKUNI, Masanori 2019 The Economic Society of Kochi University Article
13 A cross section of 3% Consol's proprietors between the late 18th century and the beginning of 19th century: Analyses of lists of the proprietors of unclaimed dividends [Keizaigaku-Kenkyu ; Journal of Political Economy 86(1)] INATOMI, Nobuhiro 2019 Kyushu-Daigaku-Keizai-Gakkai ; Society of Political Economy, Kyushu University Article
14 A survey of empirical researches on Venezuela economy after 1980s [Economic Journal 112] KUZUME, Tomohide 2019 The Economics Society, Daito Bunka University Article
15 Ablösungsrezeß über Geldgefälle beim südsächsischen D.-Neudorf 1856-1857 (2) [Okayama Economic Review 50(3)] MATSUO, Nobushige 2019 the Economic Association of Okayama University Article
16 An Empirical Study on Policy Process of the Choice for Return to Gold Standard by the U.K in 1920s [The Shogaku Ronshu ; The Business Review of Kansai University 64(2)] TAKAYA, Sadayoshi / MAEDA Naoya 2019 The Business Administration Society, Kansai University Article
17 Banks of England and the Factorage System from the Late 17th to the Early 18th Century [Keizai Shushi ; The Nihon University Economic Review 89(1)] KAMIMURA, Yoshihiro 2019 Nihon University College of Economics Article
18 Christian Professional Moneylenders in Late Medieval Italy [Machikaneyama Ronso. History 53] NAKAYA, So 2019 Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University Article
19 Devolution and Intergovernmental Relations in the UK [Seikei- Ronso ; The Politics, Economics and Business Review 185] IWAMI, Yutaka 2019 Institute of Politics and Economics, Kokushikan University Article
20 Historiographie de la monnaie de l'abbaye de Corbie du haut moyen âge: Embrouillement des histoires construites des monnaies [Kyoto Women's University Journal of Historical Studies ; Shiso 76] YAMADA, Masahiko 2019 The Association of Historical Studies, Kyoto Women's University Article