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1 History of British Canal Accounting [Journal of Business Research 42] MURATA, Naoki 2020 Institute of Business Research, College of Economics, Nihon University Article
2 シルクとイタリアン・ファッションの経済史―色で高付加価値化を目指した両大戦間期― 日野 真紀子【著】 2019 晃洋書房 Book
3 Floating in Mud to Reach the Skies: Victor Sassoon and the Real Estate Boom in Shanghai, 1920s–1930s [International Journal of Asian Studies 16(1)] CHUNG, Stephanie Po-yin 2019 Cambridge University Press Article
4 14~16世紀のメッカのウラマー―ファフド家の事例から― [お茶の水史学 62] OTA, Keiko 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
5 THE DIPLOMATIC REPERTOIRES OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANIES IN MUGHAL SOUTH ASIA, 1608-1717 [The Historical Journal 62(4)] MEERSBERGEN, Guido Van 2019 Cambridge University Press Article
6 Confronting the Japanese Challenge: The Revival of Manufacturing at Intel [Business History Review 93(2)] LÉCUYER, Christophe 2019 President and Fellows of Harvard College (Harvrd Business School) Article
7 19世紀ポーランド社会経済史―ウッジにおける企業家と近代社会の形成― FUJII, Kazuo 2019 Kwansei Gakuin University Press Book
8 ビールによって生きること―1844年ミュンヒェンのビール騒擾― [Thought 1138] 東風谷 太一 2019 Iwanami Shoten Article
9 ドイツにおける運輸連合制度の意義と成果 AOKI, Mami 2019 日本経済評論社 Book
10 Architects and knowledge transfer in hospital systems: The introduction of Western hospital designs in Japan (1918–1970) [Business History 61(3)] DONZÉ, Pierre-Yves 2019 Routledge Article
11 Challenging the Problem of ‘Fit’: Advancing the Regenerative Medicine Industries in the United States, Britain and Japan [Business History 61(3)] UMERMURA, Maki 2019 Routledge Article
12 A Creation of Bargaining Power in the Ford System Establishment Process: A Study of Material Handling Enterprise "Jervis B. Webb Company" [Meiji Business Review 66(1)] FUJIE, Masatsugu 2019 Institute of Business Management, Meiji University Article
13 A Note on the New Historical Documents of a Privateer Captain in the Early National Era [The journal of humanities Nagoya University 2] WADA, Mitsuhiro 2019 The Graduate School of Humanities, Nagoya University Article
14 A Reconsideration of Polish Coal Miners’ Situation during the Interwar Period in Northern France: An Analysis of Individual Data [The Journal of Economics of Kwansei Gakuin University 73(2)] SADATO, Hiroko 2019 Research Group of the School of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University Article
15 A Study of Accounting System and Capital Account in the Netherlands in the 18th Century [Kaikei ; Accounting 196(4)] HASHIMOTO, Takehisa 2019 Moriyama Shoten Article
16 Accounting Practices in the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Company: Land Grant Policy and Double Account System [Economic Studies 69(1)] KASUKABE, Mitsunori 2019 Hokkaido University Article
17 American Employers and Immigration Policies of the 1920s: Research Trends in Immigration Studies in Economic History and Labor Economics [The Review of Economics & Political Science 87(1・2) 合併号] SHIMOTOMAI, Hideyuki 2019 The Economic and Political Institute of Meiji University Article
18 British Business Interest Groups and International Double Taxation (2): Political Activities of the Federation of British Industries and the Association of British Chambers of Commerce, 1919–1945 [The Hikone Ronso 419] IZAWA, Ryo 2019 The Economic Society of Shiga University Article
19 Considerations about the introduction process of the new medical profession: From a case of Physician Assistants in 1970 [Meiji Business Review 66(1)] HAYAKA, Michiko 2019 Institute of Business Management, Meiji University Article
20 Corporate Governance in Italy [The Doshisha Hogaku ; The Doshisha Law Review 71(1)] HAYAKAWA, Masaru 2019 The Doshisha Hogaku-kai ; The Doshisha Law Association Article