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1 森林と権力の比較史 MATSUZAWA, Yusaku 2019 勉誠出版 Book
2 海をめぐる対話 ハワイと日本―水産業からのアプローチ― 小川 真和子【著】 2019 塙書房 Book
3 Die Gemeindefreiheit in Preußen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Vorortkreises Teltow von Berlin [The Hiroshima Economic Review 42(3)] KATO, Fusao 2019 The Economics Society of Hiroshima University Article
4 ゲオーポニカ―古代ギリシアの農業事情― 伊藤 正【著】 2019 Tosui Shobo Book
5 18世紀スコットランドの慣習と奴隷制 [Legal History Review ; Hoseishi Kenkyu 69] CAIRNS, John W. ; TAMARUYA, Masayuki 2019 Japan Legal History Association ; Hoseishi Gakkai Article
6 Japan and the great divergence, 730-1874 [Explorations in Economic History 72] BASSINO, Jean-Pascal / BROADBERRY, Stephen / FUKAO, Kyoji / GUPTA, Bishnupriya / TAKASHIMA, Masanori 2019 Graduate Program in Economic History (Kent State University Press) Article
7 Accounting Practices in the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad Company: Land Grant Policy and Double Account System [Economic Studies 69(1)] KASUKABE, Mitsunori 2019 Hokkaido University Article
8 Alfalfa Cultivation on Reclamation Projects in U.S. Mountain States, 1913-1925 [Osaka Economic Papers 639(3)] HIDAKA, Takuro 2019 Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University Article
9 Development of Rice Farming in Tanzania [The Kokumin-Keizai Zasshi ; Journal of Economics & Business Administration 219(1)] NAKANO, Yuko 2019 The Keizai-Keiei Gakkai, Kobe University Article
10 Die Fideikommisse in Württemberg [The Hiroshima Economic Review 43(1・2) 合併号] KATO, Fusao 2019 The Economics Society of Hiroshima University Article
11 Energy and Civilization: A History SMIL, Vaclav 2019 青土社 Book
12 Energy and Civilization: A History SMIL, Vaclav 2019 青土社 Book
13 Eurgegio: Vor dem Hintergrund der Urwirtschaftsrӓume und des Europas der Flusslandschaften WATANABE, Hisashi 2019 京都大学学術出版会 Book
14 Generating a Frontier: Conquest-Colonization, Feudalism and Commercialization ADACHI, Takashi 2019 The University of Nagoya Press Book
15 Generation of Proto-Indo-Europeans as Pastoral Nomads in the Fourth Millennium BC: Acquisition of Farming and Animal-Husbandry by Hunter-Gatherers and Their Advance into Steppes as Entrepreneurs [Keizaigaku Ronsan ; The Journal of Economics 59(5・6) 合併号] NAKAGAWA, Yoichiro 2019 Chuo Daigaku Keizaigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Economics in Chuo University Article
16 Le vin et la guerre: Comment les nazis ont fait main basse sur le vignoble français LUCAND, Christophe 2019 法政大学出版局 Book
17 Lex Iulia agraria: A reconsideration of the role of the Senate in the legislative process of the late Roman Republic [Shigaku-Zasshi 128(3)] UCHIDA, Yasutaka 2019 Shigakukai ; The Historical Society of Japan Article
18 Livestock Trading of Geneva and Savoie from the End of the 19th Century to the Beginning of the 20th Century [Rikkyo Economic Review 72(4)] OZAKI, Mayako 2019 Economic Society of Rikkyo University Article
19 Mansus in Lower Languedoc in the Central Middle Ages (3): The Case of the Region of Montpellier [Keizai Ronshu ; Aichi University Journal of Economics 210,211 合併号] KATSURA, Hideyuki 2019 The Society of Economic Science, Aichi University Article
20 Open-Field System in Skeda Parish in the 18th Century [The Sho-Kei Ronso ; The Review of Economics and Commerce 55(1・2) 合併号] SATO, Matsuo 2019 The Society of Economics, Kanagawa University Article