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1 Treaty Alteration Programme and Britain's Policy on British Concessions and Settlements in China in 1927 [The Journal of Law and Economics ; Hokei Ronso 37(2)] FURUSE, Hiroyuki 2020 The Mie University Social Science Society Article
2 From Cross-Cultural Credit to Colonial Debt: British Expansion in Madras and Canton, 1750–1800 [The American Historical Review 124(1)] HANSER, Jesscia 2019 American Historical Association (Macmillan) Article
3 海洋貿易とイギリス革命―新興貿易商人の宗教と自由― 大西 晴樹【著】 2019 法政大学出版局 Book
4 Biography and the Making of Transnational Imperialism: Karl Gützlaff on the China Coast, 1831-1851 [The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 47(3)] KLEIN, Thoralf 2019 Routledge Article
5 1571年 銀の大流通と国家統合 KISHIMOTO, Mio 2019 山川出版社 Book
6 身分と経済(法制史学会70周年記念若手論文集) 額定其労,佐々木 健,高田  久実,丸本 由美子【編】 2019 慈学社 Book
7 西洋法制史(特集: 学界回顧2019) [The horitsu jiho 91(13)] 水野 浩二,粟辻 悠,藤本 幸二,高 友希子 2019 Nippon Hyoron-sha Article
8 欧州統合史―二つの世界大戦からブレグジットまで― 益田 実,山本 健【編著】 2019 ミネルヴァ書房 Book
9 18世紀スコットランドの慣習と奴隷制 [Legal History Review ; Hoseishi Kenkyu 69] CAIRNS, John W. ; TAMARUYA, Masayuki 2019 Japan Legal History Association ; Hoseishi Gakkai Article
10 The China of Tomorrow: Japan and the Limits of Victorian Expansion [The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 47(5)] FLETCHER, Robert S. G. 2019 Routledge Article
11 大恐慌期の米国金融政策 NISHIDO, Takayoshi 2019 白桃書房 Book
12 Dressing Up Subjecthood: Straits Chinese, the Queue, and Contested Citizenship in Colonial Singapore [The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 47(3)] SAI, Siew-Min 2019 Routledge Article
13 Interpretive Control over Investment Treaties and the "Objective" International Legal Personality of Investors (5) [Hogakuronso ; Kyoto Law Review 185(5)] NISUGI, Kento 2019 The Kyoto University Law Association Article
14 Überprüfung des Begriffs der Schuldverhältnis: Entstehung seines Begriffs im deutschen Recht und Erscheinung im japanischen Zivilrecht (2) [Hogaku ; The Journal of Law and Political Science 83(2)] NIGISHI, Ken 2019 Tohoku Daigaku Hogakkai ; The Association of Law and Political Science of Tohoku University Article
15 100 Years of the Polish Economy [The Journal of Economics of Kwansei Gakuin University 73(2)] TAGUCHI, Masahiro 2019 Research Group of the School of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University Article
16 A Future of Newfoundland’s Union with Canada: An Analysis of the Amulree Report (1933) [Cultural Science Reports of Kagoshima University 86] HOSOKAWA, Michihisa 2019 The Faculty of Law, Economics and the Humanities, Kagoshima University Article
17 A Reflection on "Prague Spring" [The Annual Bulletin of the Institute of Social Sciences, Chuo University 23] ISHIKAWA, Akihiro 2019 The Institute of Social Sciences, Chuo University Article
18 A Study on Monastery Hirandal's regulations, 1200-1201(1): An Analysis by comparison with Benedict's Regulations [Shikan ; The Historical Review 181] KARASAWA, Koichi 2019 The Historical Society of Waseda University Article
19 Ablösungsrezeß über Geldgefälle beim südsächsischen D.-Neudorf 1856-1857 (2) [Okayama Economic Review 50(3)] MATSUO, Nobushige 2019 the Economic Association of Okayama University Article
20 An Analysis of the Authorized Text of Sino-Foreign Treaties in the Late Qing Dynasty [Historical Research 381] GUO, Weidong 2019 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article