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1 都市から学ぶアジア経済史 古田 和子【編著】 2019 慶應義塾大学東アジア研究所(慶應義塾大学出版会 発売) Book
2 1571年 銀の大流通と国家統合 KISHIMOTO, Mio 2019 山川出版社 Book
3 History of microfinance in Bangladesh: A life cycle theory approach [Business History 61(4)] Md Aslam Mia / Hwok-Aun Lee / VGR Chandran / Rajah Rasiah / Mahfuzur Rahman 2019 Routledge Article
4 International bimetallism and silver absorption in Singapore, 1840–73 [The Economic History Review 72(2)] KOBAYASHI, Atsushi 2019 Economic History Society (Basil Blackwell) Article
5 戦後国際金融の歴史的諸相―帰結としての世界金融危機― 入江 恭平【著】 2019 日本経済評論社 Book
6 A Preliminary Analysis of the Business Geography in Republican Shantou City: A Study Focusing on the Qiaopi Business for the the Overseas Chinese [Modern Chinese history studies 231] XIE, Shi / OUYANG, Linhao 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
7 A Preliminary Study on Rural Homestead in Huizhou during Ming and Qing Dynasties: Based on Copies of the Contracts of the Liu Guang Hall of Keemun County [Researches in Chinese economic history 146] WANG, Qingyuan 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
8 A Study of the Rental Archives in Ancient Sumer and China [Rikkyo Economic Review 73(2)] MIZUTANI, Kenji 2019 Economic Society of Rikkyo University Article
9 An Empirical Study on the Living Standard of Shanghai Workers' Families in the 1950s [Researches in Chinese economic history 145] LIN, Chaochao 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
10 Changes to the Zishui from the Qin and Han Dynasties to the Three Kingdoms State of Wu [Historical Research 378] JIA, Liying 2019 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
11 Commerce and Society in Rural North China in the Late Qing Dynasty: Based on the Hao's Inventory Lists in the Xiaohuizhuang, Dongan County [Researches in Chinese economic history 143] LI, Zhenzhen / PAN, Sheng 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
12 Currency Standard and Credit: Silver Currency System and Its Reform in Modern China [Researches in Chinese economic history 146] YAN, Hongzhong 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
13 Foreign Dollars and Sycee: Government Shroff in Amoy following the Opening of Treaty Ports [The Toho Gakuho ; Journal of Oriental Studies 94] MURAKAMI, Ei 2019 Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University Article
14 Guangdong Custom and Gold Purchase of the Royal Court in the Late Qing Dynasty [Researches in Chinese economic history 141] TENG, Deyong 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
15 Monetization and Pluralism: Polyphony in the Ming-Qing Monetary History Led by Silver [Researches in Chinese economic history 146] PENG, Kaixiang 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
16 Problems of Housing Market in China: the view point of housing policy [The Keizai Ronshu ; The Economic Review of Kansai University 68(4)] NAKAOKA, Miyuki 2019 The Economic Society of Kansai University Article
17 Research on Ming China's Silver Monetization for 20 Years: Sorting out Academic Process [Researches in Chinese economic history 146] WAN, Ming 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
18 Several Years Estimation of Time Series Data of Government Purchase in Modern China (1903-1936) [Researches in Chinese economic history 144] CHEN, Zhao / DENG, Yingjie / YANG, Guangchao 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
19 The Arrangement of Hupeh Government Cash Bank after the Xinhai Revolution [Researches in Chinese economic history 145] LUO, Kai 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
20 The Circulation of Silver in China and Southeast Asia TOYOOKA, Yasufumi / OHASHI, Atsuko 2019 山川出版社 Book