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1 Floating in Mud to Reach the Skies: Victor Sassoon and the Real Estate Boom in Shanghai, 1920s–1930s [International Journal of Asian Studies 16(1)] CHUNG, Stephanie Po-yin 2019 Cambridge University Press Article
2 Competitive advantage and the transformation of value chains over time: The example of a South Korean diversified business group, 1953–2013 [Business History 61(2)] IN, Woo Jun / ROWLEY, Chris 2019 Routledge Article
3 模倣と革新のインド製薬産業史―後発国のグローバル・バリューチェーン戦略― 上池 あつ子【著】 2019 ミネルヴァ書房 Book
4 乾杯の経済学―韓国のビール産業― 李 光宰【著】 2019 柘植書房新社 Book
5 Cross-Jurisdictional Trade and Contract Enforcement in Qing China [International Journal of Asian Studies 16(2)] DYKSTRA, Maura 2019 Cambridge University Press Article
6 History of microfinance in Bangladesh: A life cycle theory approach [Business History 61(4)] Md Aslam Mia / Hwok-Aun Lee / VGR Chandran / Rajah Rasiah / Mahfuzur Rahman 2019 Routledge Article
7 グローバリゼーション下の韓国資本主義 OTSU, Kento 2019 大月書店 Book
8 歴史としての高成長―東アジアの経験― TAKEDA, Haruhito / LIM, Chaisung 2019 京都大学学術出版会 Book
9 鐘紡の対中国進出責任者の回想―井上潔氏(鐘紡)インタビュー―1974年7月25日 綿業会館会議室にて― [近代中国研究彙報 41] 桑原 哲也【聞き手】 ; 今井 就稔,富澤 芳亜【校閲】 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
10 中国料理と近現代日本―食と嗜好の文化交流史― IWAMA, Kazuhiro 2019 Keio University Press Book
11 満鉄経営史―株式会社としての覚醒― HIRAYAMA, Tsutomu 2019 名古屋大学出版会 Book
12 近代中国の救済事業と社会政策―合作社・社会調査・社会救済の思想と実践― 穐山 新【著】 2019 明石書店 Book
13 A Case Study on the Dissolution of the Yuzhai Charitable Trust of the Sheng Family in Shanghai in 1931 [Modern Chinese history studies 230] PENG, Xiaofei 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
14 A Study of Accounting System and Capital Account in the Netherlands in the 18th Century [Kaikei ; Accounting 196(4)] HASHIMOTO, Takehisa 2019 Moriyama Shoten Article
15 A Study on the Grain Company of China During the Anti-Japanese War [Researches in Chinese economic history 144] WANG, Ronghua 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
16 An Empirical Study on the Living Standard of Shanghai Workers' Families in the 1950s [Researches in Chinese economic history 145] LIN, Chaochao 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
17 An Exploration of the Transformation of Family Property System in Modern Times: A Study on Yuzhai Yizhuang of the Lineage of Sheng Xuanhuai in Shanghai (1920-1936) [Researches in Chinese economic history 141] PENG, Xiaofei 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
18 Business Strategies of the Overseas Chinese Small Firms in South China Sea Region before the World War Ⅱ: Based on Pek Sam Choon’s Business Letters (1927-1932) [Researches in Chinese economic history 142] SHUI, Haigang 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
19 Central-Local Divergence in Industrial Policy Formation and Implementation: Take Shanghai Huaguang Zipper Factory as a Case in the Initial Stage of China's Reform [Researches in Chinese economic history 146] ZHU, Yan 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
20 Commerce and Society in Rural North China in the Late Qing Dynasty: Based on the Hao's Inventory Lists in the Xiaohuizhuang, Dongan County [Researches in Chinese economic history 143] LI, Zhenzhen / PAN, Sheng 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article