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1 森林と権力の比較史 MATSUZAWA, Yusaku 2019 勉誠出版 Book
2 A Late Maoist Industrial Revolution? Economic Growth in Jiangsu Province (1966–1978) [The China Quarterly 240] BRAMALL, Chris 2019 School of Oriental and African Studies (Cambidge University Press) Article
3 秦代遷陵県における漆の調達と利用 [Meiji University journal of Asian history 23] 鈴木 直美 2019 Meijidaigaku Toyoshi Danwakai Article
4 古代日本の国家と土地支配 MATSUDA, Yukihiko 2019 吉川弘文館 Book
5 王清穆『農隠廬日記』(8) [近代中国研究彙報 41] 王清穆研究会【編注】 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
6 飯と箸・匙―朝鮮編― [帝塚山大学考古学研究所研究報告 21] 毛利光 俊彦 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
7 Land Use and Land Cover Changes during the Second Indochina War and Their Long-Term Impact on a Hilly Area in Laos [Southeast Asian studies 8(2)] NAKATSUJI, Susumu 2019 Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University Article
8 近代中国(1911~1949)農業・農村に関する歴史研究 [農業と経済 85(9)] GAO, Liao 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
9 中華人民共和国初期、農村社会史研究の現状と課題―「革命史観」はいかに克服されたのか― [The Journal of Social Science 70(2)] KONO, Tadashi 2019 Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo Article
10 Displacement and development: Long term impacts of population transfer in India [Explorations in Economic History 73] BHARADWAJ, Prashant / MIRZA, Rinchan Ali 2019 Graduate Program in Economic History (Kent State University Press) Article
11 近代中国の食糧事情―食糧の生産・流通・消費と農村経済― BENNO, Saiichi 2019 丸善出版 Book
12 農学と戦争―知られざる満洲報国農場― 足達 太郎,小塩 海平,藤原 辰史【著】 2019 岩波書店 Book
13 "Household Contract Production" : Resource Allocation under the Transformation of Rural System in North China [Researches in Chinese economic history 145] XU, Yun 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
14 A New Interpretation for the Return of Rice in Land Tax Rate in Early Qing: Based on the Change of Fuyiquanshu's Nature [Researches in Chinese economic history 141] SHEN, Bin 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
15 A New Study on the Land Dian Transaction in Ming and Qing Dynasties: An Analysis of the Concepts and the Transaction Methods [Researches in Chinese economic history 144] XIE, Kaijian 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
16 A Preliminary Study on Rural Homestead in Huizhou during Ming and Qing Dynasties: Based on Copies of the Contracts of the Liu Guang Hall of Keemun County [Researches in Chinese economic history 146] WANG, Qingyuan 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
17 A Re-Carving of Traditions: Formation and Reorganization of the Water Utilization System in the Basic Society of Premodern Shanxi [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 990] IGURO, Shinobu 2019 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
18 About the Implementation of Classification in the Modern Chinese Village : the Implementation of Economical Criteria are mainly discussed (From 1948 to the Beginning of the 1950s) [Social systems studies 39] NAKAI, Akira 2019 The Institute of Social Systems Ritumeikan University Article
19 Agriculture and Food of Han Taiwanese Farmers in Colonial Taiwan: Case Study of Technological Extensions by Japanese Sugar Companies and Farmers' Harvesting Practices [The Journal of Agricultural History 53] TSURU, Shuntaro 2019 The Agricultural History Society of Japan Article
20 Comparison of Urban Land Management System Change in Modern China and Its Influence on Urban Follow-up Development [Fudan journal. Social sciences 61(1)] JIA, Caiyan 2019 *** Unknown *** Article