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1 History of microfinance in Bangladesh: A life cycle theory approach [Business History 61(4)] Md Aslam Mia / Hwok-Aun Lee / VGR Chandran / Rajah Rasiah / Mahfuzur Rahman 2019 Routledge Article
2 バートランド・ラッセルがみた1920年代初めの中国―ジョン・デューイにもふれて(下)― [Thought 1143] 紀平 英作 2019 Iwanami Shoten Article
3 バートランド・ラッセルがみた1920年代初めの中国―ジョン・デューイにもふれて(上)― [Thought 1142] 紀平 英作 2019 Iwanami Shoten Article
4 A Few fundamental Views from Confucian Economics [The Ritsumeikan Economic Review 68(2)] ONO, Susumu 2019 The Ritsumaikan University Economic Society Article
5 A History of the Notion of “Goulash Communism": On Consumption in Socialism [The Rekishi Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 56] WATANABE, Akiko 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
6 Addendum to the Study of Chiang Ching-kuo’s “Indigenization” and Cultural Policy in Taiwan [Social systems studies 38] SUGANO, Atsushi 2019 The Institute of Social Systems Ritumeikan University Article
7 An Analysis of the Authorized Text of Sino-Foreign Treaties in the Late Qing Dynasty [Historical Research 381] GUO, Weidong 2019 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
8 An aspect of modern development in the field of studies on Chinese legal history in the early Min-guo era [Hosei Kenkyu ; Journal of Law and Politics 86(2)] NISHI, Hideaki 2019 Hosei Gakkai ; Institute for Law and Politics, Kyushu University Article
9 Between the Modernist and Traditionalist: Receptions of Adam Smith in China, 1902-2012 [The Journal of Economics 82(3)] CHEN Jeng-Guo S. 2019 Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo Article
10 Border Forms and Border Consciousness in the Song [Historical Research 381] HUANG, Chunyan 2019 Chinese Academy of Social Science, the Institute of History Article
11 Britain and the Open Door Policy in China: The Open Door Policy of Board of Trade in 1921 [The Journal of Law and Economics ; Hokei Ronso 36(2)] FURUSE, Hiroyuki 2019 The Mie University Social Science Society Article
12 Chu Hsi's Thought and Practice of Auditing and Supervision [Researches in Chinese economic history 141] XIAO, Jianxin / TAN, Shulong 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
13 Education in China and the World War Ⅰ: Chinese Views on the War and its Impact [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 166] TAKADA, Yukio 2019 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
14 Hong Dae-yong's Perception of China through His Personal Experience [Journal of historical stud ies 21] NAKA, Sumio 2019 洛北史学会 Article
15 Ideological Emancipation, International Communication and Theoretical Innovation in the Early Stage of China Economic Reform [Researches in Chinese economic history 146] WEI, Zhong 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
16 Recent Historiography in Japan on the Sogdians In Tang Dynasty China [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 980] NAKATA, Mie 2019 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
17 Relationship between Government and Enterprises in China [Matsuyama Daigaku Ronshu ; Matsuyama University Review 31(3)] KOBAYASHI, Takuma 2019 Matsuyama University Article
18 The Dissemination of National Economic Accounting Theory in Modern China: A Study on the Theory of National Wealth [Researches in Chinese economic history 145] MIAO, Degang 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
19 The Interim Report of the Burma Special Research Commission on Japan and the Great East Asiatic Sphere Countries: A study of the relationship between wartime economic regulations and nation-building in Burma [Journal of Economics, Asia University ; Keizaigaku-Kiyo 43(1・2) 合併号] MIZUNO, Asuka 2019 The Economic Society of Asia University Article
20 Rents, Accumulation, and Conflict in Malaysia [Southeast Asian studies 7(3)] TAN, Jeff 2018 Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University Article