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1 王清穆『農隠廬日記』(8) [近代中国研究彙報 41] 王清穆研究会【編注】 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
2 魏晋南北朝時代における仏教と祈雨 [Meiji University journal of Asian history 23] SATO, Yusuke 2019 Meijidaigaku Toyoshi Danwakai Article
3 近代中国の食糧事情―食糧の生産・流通・消費と農村経済― BENNO, Saiichi 2019 丸善出版 Book
4 Agriculture and Food of Han Taiwanese Farmers in Colonial Taiwan: Case Study of Technological Extensions by Japanese Sugar Companies and Farmers' Harvesting Practices [The Journal of Agricultural History 53] TSURU, Shuntaro 2019 The Agricultural History Society of Japan Article
5 COLONIZING THE BODY: State Medicine and Epidemic Disease in Nineteenth-Century India ARNOLD, David ; MICHI, Masatoshi 2019 みすず書房 Book
6 Gentry Power and Trust Crisis in Late Qing Jiangnan: A Case Study of Changshu [Bulletin of The institute of Modern History Academia Sinica 103] LUO, Xiaoxiang 2019 Institute of Modern History Academia Sinica Article
7 Re-estimation of the Population Loss during Northern Chinese Famine of 1876-1879: An Investigation Based on Historical Natural Experiment [Researches in Chinese economic history 145] LI, Nan / ZHANG, Duo 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
8 Soup Kitchens in Beijing during the Late Qing Period [The Toyo Gakuho ; The Journal of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko 100(4)] MURATA, Ryohei 2019 The Toyo Bunko Article
9 The Government Relief Act between Natural Disaster and Market Integration: Based on Empirical Analysis of Wheat Market in North China during 1776-1840 [Researches in Chinese economic history 143] HU, Peng / LI, Jun 2019 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
10 The Indus Waters Treaty in 1960 in Retrospect: From the Perspective of Economic Development and International Relations in Pakistan [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 981] KONDŌ, Takafumi 2019 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
11 Unravelling China’s Food Security Puzzle,1979-2008 [The China Quarterly 235] DU, Jane / KING, Cheng 2018 School of Oriental and African Studies (Cambidge University Press) Article
12 A Water Resource Revolution: The Exploitation of Groundwater and the Agricultural Development in China (1963-1978) [中国経済史研究 140] LIN, Youhong 2018 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
13 Evolution of Disaster Relief Subject in New China from the Perspective of Institutional Change [中国経済史研究 137] TAO, Ye / FENG, Kaiwen 2018 中国社会科学院経済研究所中国経済史研究编辑部 Article
14 Groping for Population Theory in 20th-Century China [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 978] YOSHIZAWA, Seiichirō 2018 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
15 Parasitic diseases in remote islands: a history of prevalence, control, and elimination of intestinal parasitic diseases in Matsu Archipelago in the late 20th century [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 84(3)] INOUE, Hiroki 2018 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
16 Poor Relief and the Problem of Transients in Late 18th–Mid–19th Century Beijing [The Toyo Gakuho ; The Journal of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko 100(3)] MURAKAMI, Masakazu 2018 The Toyo Bunko Article
17 The Implement of the Order about Foreign-rice Tax Exemption and Its Twists and Turns in Guangdong in the Spring of 1937 [Fudan journal. Social sciences 60(2)] TIAN, Xiquan 2018 *** Unknown *** Article
18 The Literati and their local society in Ji-zhou, Jiang-xi Circuit during the Southern Song [Tokai Shigaku 52] KOBAYASHI,Yoshihiro 2018 The Historical Association of Tokai University Article
19 The Population of Istanbul in the Late 16th Century [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 977] SAWAI, Kazuaki 2018 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
20 Moving to the right place at the right time: Economic effects on migrants of the Manchuria Plague of 1910-11 [Explorations in Economic History 63] LI, Dan / LI, NAN 2017 Graduate Program in Economic History (Kent State University Press) Article