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1 近代日本の乳食文化―その経緯と定着― 江原 絢子,平田 昌弘,和仁 皓明【編著】 ; 一般社団法人Jミルク【企画編集】 2019 中央法規出版 Book
2 前近代皮革業の構造(3)―2000~18年の動向を整理する― [リベラシオン : 人権研究ふくおか 175] NOBI, Shouji 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
3 前近代皮革業の構造(2)―2000年代以降の皮革史の動向と文献・論文― [リベラシオン : 人権研究ふくおか 173] NOBI, Shouji 2019 *** Unknown *** Article
4 Domestic Animals Pest Spread in Early Years of Meiji Tokyo and Disposal of the Dead Animals [Buraku Mondai Kenkyu ; The Bulletin of Buraku Problem 229] PORTER, John 2019 The Institute of Buraku Problem ; Buraku-Mondai Kenkyusho Article
5 Improvement of Military Horses and Famous Breeding Centers of Excellent Steeds: Contradictions Brought by Wars of the Meiji Era [Sundai Shigaku ; Sundai Historical Review 167] HORIUCHI, Takashi 2019 Sundai Historical Association of Meiji University Article
6 戦後北海道酪農史 土井 時久,藤田 直聡,畠山 尚史【著】 2018 デーリィマン社 Book
7 前近代皮革業の構造(1)―2000~18年の動向を整理する― [リベラシオン : 人権研究ふくおか 172] NOBI, Shouji 2018 *** Unknown *** Article
8 The Early-Modern Development of Paddy Fishing and Hunting and Environmental Change in River Basins [The Shirin ; The Journal of History 101(3)] SANO, Shizuyo 2018 The Shigaku Kenkyukai ; The Society of Historical Research, Kyoto University Article
9 牧野のフロントランナー―日本の乳食文化を築いた人々― WANI, Komei 2017 デーリィマン社 Book
10 Broilers business of Mitsui Bussan: focused on the 1960s and 1970s [Dokkyo University Studies of Economics 100] HIRAI, Gakuya 2017 Faculty of Economics, Dokkyo University Article
11 On the "Gyutou Ikkan"(1868), a document of Vaccination: Part two [Bulletin of the Faculty of Law and Letters, University of the Ryukyus 3] TOMIYAMA, Kazuyuki 2017 Faculty of Law and Letters, Univesity of the Ryukyu Article
12 Sanmin in Yoshihiko Amino's Historical Studies [Rekishi hyōron 805] KOMEIE, Taisaku 2017 Rekishikagaku Kyogikai ; Association of Historical Science Article
13 The Introduction of Green Pheasant, Eel, Loach and Sweetfish by Kaitakushi(the Colonial Department) [Bulletin of Hokkaido Museum 2] YAMADA, Shin'ichi 2017 Hokkaido Museum Article
14 中世前期の左馬寮領鳥養牧について―淀川水上交通との関連から― [史料と研究 : 新修摂津市史 2] SOGABE, Megumi 2016 摂津市 Article
15 日本古代の牧と馬政官司 SATO, Kentaro 2016 塙書房 Book
16 渡来文化と生産 (森浩一著作集 第3巻) 森浩一著作集編集委員会【編】 ; 森 浩一【著】 2016 新泉社 Book
17 A Report on Pre-war Documents concerning the Flying Fox, Pteropodidae, in the Ryukyu Archipelago [Bulletin of the Historiographical Institute 39] SHIROMA, Tsunehiro / NAKAMOTO, Atsushi 2016 Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education Article
18 Comparative Studies on Jomon Pithall Hunting Activities in Ishikawa and Kanto Area [The Hokuriku Shigaku 65] ADACHI, Takuro 2016 The Hokuriku Shigakukai ; The Hokuriku Society of Historical Research Article
19 Folk history to live together with the mountain: Mountain village life of Kishu Hidaka innerpart [Studies in Japanese Cultural History 47] URA, Naoki 2016 Tezukayama University Article
20 Introduction and Development of Equestrian Culture in the Japanese Islands: Special Reference to the Case of East Japan [専修大学社会知性開発研究センター古代東ユーラシア研究センター年報 2] HORI, Tetsuro 2016 Institute for development of social intelligence, Senshu University Article