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1 糸とファッション―糸を紡ぎ、布を織る道具・機械の発展とファッションの変遷― KUSAKABE, Nobuyuki 2019 東京図書出版 Book
2 産業発展と石切場―全国の採石遺構を文化資産へ― 日本遺跡学会【監修】 ; 高田 祐一【編】 2019 戎光祥出版 Book
3 古墳時代の須恵器と地域社会 FUJINO, Kazuyuki 2019 六一書房 Book
4 Thriving in the shadow of giants: The success of the Japanese surgical needle producer MANI, 1956–2016 [Business History 61(3)] SAKAI, Ken 2019 Routledge Article
5 人類と資源環境のダイナミクス 1 旧石器時代 ONO, Akira 2019 雄山閣 Book
6 エネルギー資源の世界史―利用の起源から技術の進歩と人口・経済の拡大― 松島 潤【編著】 2019 一色出版 Book
7 戦国期城郭と考古学 萩原 三雄【著】 2019 岩田書院 Book
8 海軍技術者の戦後史―復興・高度成長・防衛― SAWAI, Minoru 2019 名古屋大学出版会 Book
9 平成農業技術史 大日本農会【編】 ; 八木 宏典,西尾 敏彦,岸 康彦【監修】 2019 農文協プロダクション(農山漁村文化協会 発売) Book
10 都市鉄道の技術社会史 TAKASHIMA, Shuichi 2019 山川出版社 Book
11 Architects and knowledge transfer in hospital systems: The introduction of Western hospital designs in Japan (1918–1970) [Business History 61(3)] DONZÉ, Pierre-Yves 2019 Routledge Article
12 A Study on Changes and Features of Technical Cooperation in Japan and Korea [Soka Keiei Ronshu ; The Review of Business Administration 43(1)] LEE, Hong-Bae 2019 The Business Administration Society, Soka University Article
13 Dissemination Activity of Western Vegetables and Fruits by Graduates of Gakunousha Nougakkou [Journal of Rural Community Studies 128] SHIMOMURA, Akinori 2019 The Agricultural Economics Society of Tokyo University of Agriculture Article
14 Flax Production and Violin-Style Seeding Machines in Hokkaido: A Focus on the Structural Analysis of Currently Remaining Museum Materials [Bulletin of Hokkaido Museum 4] YAMAGIWA, Hideki 2019 Hokkaido Museum Article
15 Hitachi, Ltd.'s process for constructing the structure for development and production of electrical parts for automobiles before World War II [The Business Review 69(3・4) 合併号] MAKI, Yoshiaki 2019 The Society of Business Research, Graduate School of Business, Osaka City University Article
16 Industrialization of Ammonium Sulfate by Nippon Chisso Hiryo Co. [The Papers and Proceedings of Economics 158] OSHIO, Takeshi 2019 Meiji Gakuin University, Society of Economics Article
17 Job behavior, development of technological capacity and career patterns of engineers in Hitachi Works after the Second World War [Socio-Economic History ; Shakai-Keizaishigaku 84(4)] ICHIHARA, Hiroshi 2019 The Socio-Economic History Society ; Shakai-Keizaishi Gakkai Article
18 Manufacturing in Medieval Japan 村木 二郎【編】 2019 朝倉書店 Book
19 Medieval to Early Modern Transition Period from the Perspective of Numismatic Archeology [Rekishigaku Kenkyu ; Journal of Historical Studies 988] SAKURAKI, Shin-ichi 2019 Rekishigaku Kenkyukai ; The Historical Science Society of Japan Article
20 Military Technology Development and Dual-Use Technology for Military Purposes in the United States [Rekishi hyōron 832] YAMAZAKI, Fuminori 2019 Rekishikagaku Kyogikai ; Association of Historical Science Article