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1 ドイツ史・マルクス・第三世界―望月清司論文選― MOCHIZUKI, Seiji 2019 日本評論社 Book
2 Britain and the New International Economic Order, 1974-75 [The Seinan Law Review 52(1)] YAMAMOTO, Takeshi 2019 Seinan Gakuin University Academic Research Institute Article
3 Does Structure Not Follow Strategy? : Searching for the True Thought of Chandler [The Review of Economics & Political Science 87(1・2) 合併号] ABE, Etsuo 2019 The Economic and Political Institute of Meiji University Article
4 Its Influence on Japanese Policy Making and Theoretical Development [The Osaka Shogyo Daigaku Ronshu ; The Review of Osaka University of Commerce 15(1)] KATO, Tsukasa 2019 The Society of Commerce and Economic Research, Osaka University of Commerce Article
5 On the Monetary Unification in Japan [The Bulletin of the Yokohama City University. Social Science 71(2)] SUI, Qing-yuan / HIRAMOTO, Masahisa 2019 Arts and Science Society of Yokohama City University Article
6 The Current Status of Historical Research and Education at Faculties of Economics in Japan [Rekishi hyōron 833] TAKAYANAGI, Tomohiko 2019 Rekishikagaku Kyogikai ; Association of Historical Science Article
7 The Development of Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha, G.m.b.H. and Trading of Machinery during the Interwar Period [The Journal of Business Studies, Ryukoku University 58(2)] OKABE, Keishi 2019 The Society of Business Administration, Ryukoku University Article
8 The Great Irish Famine: Historical Research and Historical Consciousness [The Osaka Gakuin Review of Economics 33(1・2) 合併号] TAKEI, Akihiro / KATSUTA, Shunsuke 2019 The Society of Economics, Osaka Gakuin University Article
9 The Methodology for Accounting Frontiers [Takushoku University the researches in management and accounting 115] MIYOKAWA, Masahide 2019 The Business Research Institute, Takushoku University Article
10 The Sale of Imported Cars before WW II: The Case of Yanase [The Journal of Business Studies, Ryukoku University 58(2)] SHINOMIYA, Masachika 2019 The Society of Business Administration, Ryukoku University Article
11 一般経済史 河崎 信樹,奥 和義【著】 2018 ミネルヴァ書房 Book
12 グローバル経済史 水島 司,島田 竜登【著】 2018 放送大学教育振興会 Book
13 A Study on Methods for Estimation of Historical Statistics: The Case of Real GDP Per Capita [The Sho-Kei Ronso ; The Review of Economics and Commerce 53(1)] YAZAWA, Hirotake 2018 The Society of Economics, Kanagawa University Article
14 Geschichte des Kapitalismus KOCKA, Jürgen ; YAMAI, Toshiaki 2018 人文書院 Book
15 North/South Divide Reconsidered: A Global History of Economic Disparity [Journal of Economics 118(3・4) 合併号] WAKIMURA, Kohei 2018 The Economic Society of Osaka City University Article
16 グローバル企業―国際化・グローバル化の歴史的展望― 安部 悦生【編著】 2017 文眞堂 Book
17 環境政策史―なぜいま歴史から問うのか― 西澤 栄一郎,喜多川 進【編著】 2017 ミネルヴァ書房 Book
18 A Brief History of International Workers [The Yamaguchi-Keizaigaku Zasshi ; Yamaguchi Journal of Economics, Business Administrations & Laws 66(3)] ASAMIZU, Munehiko 2017 The Economic Society of Yamaguchi University Article
19 A Historical Change in the Purposes of Vouching as Audit Techniques [Hitotsubashi Review of Commerce and Management 12(1)] NAKAMURA, Tomoaki 2017 〔Hakuto Shobo Publishing Company〕 Article
20 A Message to the 21st Century: On Marxism and Today [St.Andrew's University Economic and Business Review 59(3)] SHIBAMURA, Atsuki 2017 The Research Institute, St.Andrew's University Article