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Urban History

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Between the King and the Pope: French Cardinals in Rome (1495-1560)


BARDATI, Flaminia

argues that the French cardinals in Rome between 1490 and 1560 constituted a well-defined and self-contained community and were governed by complex internal dynamics as well as by the need to present a unified front to the pope, while they were also mobile, as their physical presence in the city was not continuous a number of them were stable residents in Rome

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5 European & American Economic History 5-10. Social Problem, Movement & Organization

  • 第五部 [西洋経済史] 5-2. 人口・集落・移植民
  • 第五部 [西洋経済史] 5-14. 歴史・その他
  • 5 European & American Economic History 5-2. Population, City, Village & Migration
  • 5 European & American Economic History 5-14. Others