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Imagining the Russian Concession in Hankou

Alan Crawford


The Russian empire established a territorial concession in the Chinese treaty port of Hankou in 1896. This article traces the development of the idea of establishing a Russian concession from its inception to the early years of its development. This article suggests that the Russian Concession was not a simple case of imitation, but was being developed in the context of a broader shift in ideas about the proper relationship between economy, nation, and the Russian imperial state.

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4 Oriental & African Economic History 4-2. Population, City, Village & Migration

  • 第四部 [東洋経済史] 4-3. 原始産業・土地制度
  • 第五部 [西洋経済史] 5-13. 政治・法制
  • 4 Oriental & African Economic History 4-3. Primary Sector of Industry & Land System
  • 5 European & American Economic History 5-13. Politics & Law
  • アジア・アフリカ
  • Asia and Africa
  • 法制・政治・軍事
  • Law, Politics & Military