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Modern Asian Studies

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Local Bondage in Global Economies: Servants, wage earners, and indentured migrants in nineteenth-century France, Great Britain, and the Mascarene Islands

Alessandro Stanziani

STANZIANI, Alessandro

Introduction / Crossing revloutionary boundaries: day labourers and servants in husbandry in France in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries / From rural labour to indentured contracts: the invention of engagisme / Engagisme: a new departure / Crossing the economic revolution: Labour constraints in England / From servants to indentured immigrants: the case of Mauritius / Conclusion.

英語 / English


5 European & American Economic History 5-10. Social Problem, Movement & Organization

  • 第四部 [東洋経済史] 4-2. 人口・集落・移植民
  • 第五部 [西洋経済史] 5-2. 人口・集落・移植民
  • 4 Oriental & African Economic History 4-2. Population, City, Village & Migration
  • 5 European & American Economic History 5-2. Population, City, Village & Migration
  • アジア・アフリカ
  • Asia and Africa