Imperial Japan and the World, 1931-1945, vol.3, Economics and Finance, 1931-1945 (Critical Concepts in Asian Studies)

Antony Best (ed.)

BEST, Antony (ed.)



[Contemporary essays]Our stricken agriculture (Shigeichi Mayeda) / The political and economic position of Japan(G.C. Allen) / Japan's balance of trade(R.S. Sayers) / Export control in Japan(William W.Lockwood, Jr. and M. Matsuo) / Mineral deficiency versus self-sufficiency in Japan (Catherine Porter) / Japanese industrialization and the British Empire (Isoshi Asahi) / The Japanese state as industrialist and financier (M.Matsuo) / The recent monetary policy of Japan (Eigo Fukai) / Pygmy factories - The backbone of Japanese industry (Miriam S. Farley) / Japanese state finance (Günther Stein) / Manchukuo's new economic policy (Nagaharu Yasuo) / Policy centralization in Japan under the Kokutai principle (William H.Taylor and Robert A. Brady) / Japanese war economy (Kurt Bloch) / Japan's oil supplies (Louis E. Frechtling) / Japan's "New Economic Structure" (H.T.Oshima) / [Historical essays]Japan's rural economy in crisis(Ann Waswo) / Female migration and the farm family economy in interwar Japan (Janet Hunter) / The Great Depression in Japan: why was it so short?(Toru Iwami, Tetsuji Okazaki and Hiroshi Yoshikawa) / Takahashi Korekiyo's economic policies in the Great Depression and their Meiji roots (Richard J.Smethurst) / Intra-Asian trade and East Asia's industrialisation, 1919-1939(Kaoru Sugihara) / Japan's economic expansion in the Netherlands Indies between the First and Second World Wars (Howard Dick) / The economics of Japanese imperialism in Korea, 1910-1939 (Mitsuhiko Kimura) / Economic mobilization in wartime Japan: business, bureaucracy, and military in conflict (Richard Rice) / Technocratic visions of empire: technology bureaucrats and the "New Order for Science-Technology" (Janis Mimura)


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2 Japanese History 2-8. Diplomacy

  • 第三部 [日本経済史] 3-2. 時代経済史
  • 第三部 [日本経済史] 3-17. 金融・銀行・財界
  • 3 Japanese Economic History 3-2. Ancient, Medieval, Modern & Contemporary Economy
  • 3 Japanese Economic History 3-17. Banking, Finance & ZAIKAI
  • 日本
  • Japan
  • 金融・保険
  • 国際関係・対外関係
  • Finance and Insurance
  • International Relations